QUT students join some of the world’s most forward thinking designers & innovators

The DIS Experience Night was an eye opening event on the integration of technology with the human body. The concepts which were displayed and demonstrated throughout the night gave a glimpse into what the future of human integrated technology may look like. There was an array of concepts both ready for commercial release, as well as others which were highly fictional, encouraging the audience to question life and the way society may communicate with such fused technology.

Overall, the DIS Experience Night was a great opportunity to mix wDIS nightith engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and industry experts, whilst giving an alternate view on the way we look at technology.

ACE proudly supports sponsorship of QUT students to attend these inspiring and innovative events.  Many thanks to Sean Davidson from Fold Products for sharing your thoughts about this event.

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Breaking the Barriers to Student Entrepreneurship

Republished with the permission of the authorTim Hui, President of Fellowship of Medical Engineers & Student Ambassador at QUT.  Photography credit to Marvin Fox Photography.

May 31 saw a close to the Startup Hatch program, with a finale Showcase Event. Startup Hatch was a program planned over a period of 4.5 months, that kicked off on March 2nd and concluded on March 31st that gave university students the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

Students were encouraged to submit their idea at the start throughout January – February and pitch at Startup Hatch Launch for input and co-founders who could bring new and contrasting skillsets to their team. Startup Hatch Launch saw the formation of 13 teams and by the end of March, there were 19 teams taking part in the program. There were 15 partners, including leading companies to give students a unique insight and develop the core aspects of entrepreneurship and starting a business.

The final day of Startup Hatch, the Showcase, was ultimately a success with 9 of the teams willingly pitching to a panel of three judges and an audience of over 150 people. Read more

Entrepreneurship vs. Self-Employment: Toward an Inclusive Paradigm

This article is an opinion piece by Erin Lynn, a PhD. candidate at Monash University, who is representing Australia as a youth delegate to the 2015 Y20 Summit – the youth engagement platform of the G20 – in Turkey 16-21 August 2015. 

The names Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are synonymous with entrepreneurship. These visionaries have disrupted industries from hardware to software, from airlines to music. In today’s world, their businesses and products pervade our everyday lives.

The extraordinary public profiles of leading entrepreneurs lead us to believe that self-employment is a high-risk but high-reward career path. One accessible only to the smartest, the connected, and importantly, with the inexplicable X-Factor.

One would be forgiven for believing that entrepreneurs must be pale, male and stale.

Entrepreneurship, however, has a long history of including the most vulnerable people as a grassroots development strategy. This is because Read more

Promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and startups at QUT

QUT Starters promotes a culture of entrepreneurship and startups among students and focusses on experimenting with startup ideas through the use of modern business methodologies such as the lean startup. Their goal is to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs in which teams can be formed, ideas can be generated and startups can learn and grow.

This exciting new group have big plans for this semester, including hosting a number of workshops, guest speaker presentations and competitions with prizes to be won. As well as teaching members the best methods for success, they offer personalised business advice and support to students through their growing network of industry and professional contacts.

Anyone is welcome to join the society and or come along to the events. Check them out on facebook or visit the website at www.qutlean.com

G20YEA – Youth entrepreneurship to tackle unemployment

I recently attended the G20YEA (Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance) Summit in Sydney http://www.g20yea.com/en/summit/  It was an exciting, high energy event attended by over 400 delegates from around the globe representing the G20 countries.

It became clear that youth entrepreneurship is very much on the agenda of many governments around the globe, including Australia. With youth unemployment spiralling out of control, and traditional employment growth stagnated, entrepreneurship is seen as a key ingredient for addressing the problem. Critically, across the G20 70% of job growth is coming from the SME sector, particularly young SMEs.

Helen Clark, now Administrator of the UN Development Program, presented a passionate speech emphasizing the size of the problem on a global scale. Senator Ryan confirmed Australia’s commitment to this agenda.

I was invited to participate in a panel session on culture, equality and youth entrepreneurship. I presented some data from our GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) study that was well received.

The event concluded with a signed communique to the G20 Leaders Summit:

The young entrepreneurs of the world gathered at the Sydney G20 YEA Summit support the Australian G20 priorities on private sector led growth and greater resilience of the world economy. We call on the G20 Leaders, Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to focus on entrepreneurship and agree to implement policies, legislation and incentives for ecosystems that support start-ups and sustainable high growth entrepreneurial SMEs, young entrepreneurs and enhance private sector led growth.”

The communique went on to outline key priorities across 9 pillars of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Action plans for each national team.

Congratulations to Jeremy Liddle and Aaron McNeilly for organizing such an outstanding event.