QUT students join some of the world’s most forward thinking designers & innovators

The DIS Experience Night was an eye opening event on the integration of technology with the human body. The concepts which were displayed and demonstrated throughout the night gave a glimpse into what the future of human integrated technology may look like. There was an array of concepts both ready for commercial release, as well as others which were highly fictional, encouraging the audience to question life and the way society may communicate with such fused technology.

Overall, the DIS Experience Night was a great opportunity to mix wDIS nightith engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and industry experts, whilst giving an alternate view on the way we look at technology.

ACE proudly supports sponsorship of QUT students to attend these inspiring and innovative events.  Many thanks to Sean Davidson from Fold Products for sharing your thoughts about this event.

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Future Working: The Age of Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (AEST)



Australia’s new Prime Minister has issued the nation a challenge: to become more entrepreneurial and innovative so we can keep improving our living standards in a more competitive world.

The challenge for Malcolm Turnbull is to foster an environment where this can happen.
Future Working – The Age of Entrepreneurship is a Real World Conversation where these challenges will be analysed. And some solutions to the impediments to entrepreneurship will be identified. We already know that young small-to-medium enterprises are the engine room of job growth but what more can a more entrepreneurial society achieve?

The questions to be examined include how entrepreneurship can ease underemployment, youth unemployment and help new immigrant groups to Australia. There are also challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs to serve (or be drawn) from the increased ageing population. This event will bring together perspectives from different arenas to identify an agenda for development.

The Real World Conversation, in partnership with Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, invite you to hear leading speakers on these issues and participate in small group workshops which will create an agenda for change to help address this national challenge.

SPEAKERS: Prof Per Davidsson | Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Assoc Prof Paul Steffens | Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Ran Heimann | Founder & CEO, Haystack, Vanessa Garrard | Founder & CEO, E3 Style  Rebecca Wilson | Founder & CEO, Starts at 60, Jeremy Liddle | CEO, CapitalPitch

Digging deep to unearth success in mining ventures

New light has been shone on the pathway to success for mineral exploration ventures in Australia.

Researchers from QUT’s Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) investigated more than 1000 joint ventures in the Australian mining industry to uncover why some succeed and others fail.  QUT research has found mining firms that bring new partners in to exploration projects increase the risk of termination – even if the new partner has deep pockets.

They discovered stability was the key to successful projects, providing valuable security in an industry affected by changing regulations and wider economic factors.

The research was sponsored by the Queensland Exploration Council (QEC) and the Australian Research Council.

Lead researcher Dr Rene Bakker said, surprisingly, bringing on new partners to joint venture mining projects sometimes increased the risk of a project being terminated.

“It is not always beneficial for smaller firms to bring on board a new partner, even one with deep pockets,” he said.

“A new partner can upset the status quo, disrupting the balance of power and making the project more likely to fail.

“Joint ventures can be a great resource for mining firms if executed correctly. But, as one mining executive said, you have to be very careful who you get into bed with.

However with significant challenges facing the mineral exploration sector, Dr Bakker said joint ventures would continue to feature prominently.

“New discoveries are becoming harder and more costly and joint ventures can help fill in gaps in specialised knowledge and financial resources,” he said.

“Challenges for investors include the upfront cost of capital investment, difficulty of discovery processes, increased lead time to advance deposits and increased global competition.

“We found successful projects were stable and this stability was maintained by factors including choosing projects widely, coming into the project with confidence, clearly defined needs at each site and patience and stamina to cope with the long lead times and high costs.

Chair of the QEC Geoff Dickie said patience and stamina were required by investors, given the long lead times and high costs.

“Joint venture partners need to be able to take a long-term view even in the face of a highly volatile market,” he said.

“This research gives explorers valuable insights into setting up and maintaining successful ventures.”


Media contact:

Rob Kidd, QUT Media, 07 3138 1841, rj.kidd@qut.edu.au
After hours, Rose Trapnell, 0407 585 901

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ACE member appointed to Australian Government’s “Expert Network.”

Another victory for Team QUT!   In addition to my day job at the university, I was informed yesterday that I have been appointed as a member of the Australian Government’s “Expert Network.”  My duties in this role include providing advice on an ad hoc basis about the energy industry and emerging innovations in that sector, with the overarching objective of accelerating the commercialization of promising new energy technologies.  They promised me that this would be a minimal time commitment, so expect business-as-usual from your respective points of view.

PUBLIC SEMINAR by Yves Pigneur, Co-Author of ‘Business Model Generation’

How To Design and Test Business Models and Value Propositions

Friday 27 March 2015 – 1:00 to 3:00 pm

The Kindler Theatre, QUT Gardens Point Campus, P-421  map

In this interactive talk with hands-on exercises Yves Pigneur will introduce the latest Business Model Innovation and Lean Startup tools. Participants will learn the latest on how to design and test business models and value propositions to decrease the risks of innovation. He will, in particular, get participants to apply the concepts and tools from his new book, “Value Proposition Design”. Design thinking and customer development will also be emphasised for exploring, prototyping and experimenting value propositions and business models. Ground rules and pitfalls in the usage of the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas will be illustrated.

Business Model Generation bookcover

Yves Pigneur is a professor at the University of Lausanne (HEC), and has recently held visiting professorships at University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore and HEC Montreal. With Alexander Osterwalder, they co-authored the international bestseller “Business Model Generation”, translated into 30 languages. In 2014, they co-authored the new book on “Value Proposition Design”.

RSVP by Thursday 26 March, 2015

Free of charge – registration essential – PLEASE REGISTER HERE

For more information please contact Karen Taylor k3.taylor@qut.edu.au  +61 7 31382035

Forum: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Regional Development: Bridging the Valley of Death and Capturing Value in Region


Entrepreneurs, new venture supporters, funders and governments worldwide want to create places that stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship that foster economic development and growth. The question is how?

We know that entrepreneurial ecosystems such as that experienced in Silicon Valley work. We also know that not many (if any) places are like Silicon Valley. The ecosystems that support and sustain entrepreneurship in different places will each have a unique set of characteristics. So, in creating a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem finding the right unique set of characteristics is crucial. In this regard everybody has a responsibility.

No matter where you are, the region you occupy will have a level of entrepreneurial activity which serves local needs and will have links with international markets. The Forum aims to raise and discuss issues concerning policy challenges and approaches to stimulate Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, using the local Adelaide movement as a case study.

The forum will focus on how each contributor can help to address localised issues while gathering international perspectives on what others do. This is your chance to have a say in how your ecosystems are formed. 

Outstanding keynote academics, including Professors David Audretsch (USA), David Storey (UK) will feature, as well as our own local academic team Professor Göran Roos and Dr Allan O’Connor.

The Forum is timed to coincide with the 2015 Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (ACERE) to be held at the University of Adelaide from 3 – 6 February 2015.

This is an annual Australian research conference that attracts leading international scholars and provides a platform that allows attendees to share ideas about entrepreneurship and what makes it work.

The timing of the Forum means that an international mix of world-class entrepreneurship scholars will also be participating and adding new perspectives to enhance our understanding of our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To register for the Forum to be held on Tuesday 3 February 2015 at the Adelaide Conventions Centre  CLICK HERE.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Regional Development: Bridging the Valley of Death and Capturing Value in Regions Policy Forum is supported by DIMTRE, Adelaide City Council and ECIC.

Dimensions of Innovation presentations now available online

On 17 October 2014, QUT was pleased to host two of the world’s leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship research, Harvard Business School Professor, Josh Lerner and Professor Adam Jaffe.

This event explored how government policy can support firm and industry innovation; the capabilities organisations require to respond to turbulent environments; and how entrepreneurs recognise and pursue opportunities through the formation of new independent or corporate ventures. The presenters were Harvard Business School Professor and head of the Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial Management unit, Professor Josh Lerner, and Professor Adam Jaffe formerly at Harvard and now Director of Motu, New Zealand’s leading non-profit economic and public policy research institute. This sharing of their world leading research on entrepreneurship and innovation was followed by QUT led panel discussion.

you tube small     Professor Josh Lerner

you tube small     Professor Adam Jaffe

you tube small     QUT Panel Discussion

Small Business Week presentations now available online

The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at the QUT Business School hosted three events to inspire and build business as part of 2014 Queensland Small Business Week, an initiative supporting and celebrating the important role of small business in the Queensland economy.

Presented by Professor Per Davidsson, Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, and Dr Scott Gordon, Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research: This seminar reports some main findings from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence, which is the largest study of business start-ups ever undertaken in Australia.

Well over a thousand emerging and young firms were followed over a six-year period. Four doctoral dissertations; eight reports to the federal Department of Industry, and a range of other works have been written on the basis of this project. The seminar will cover the dos and don’ts of business planning; low-cost strategies to start a business; the challenges of innovation; more vs. less successful start-up processes, and a number of other topics.

 you tube small     The creation process: What works and doesn’t work for Australian start-ups?

you tube small      Small Firm Growth: Lessons from systematic research

you tube small      Entrepreneurship in Australia


Global Entrepreneurship Week is 17 – 22 November 2014.  Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During one week each November, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

This year the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Centre at the QUT Business School have organized a couple of events to kick off the week – Read more

Promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and startups at QUT

QUT Starters promotes a culture of entrepreneurship and startups among students and focusses on experimenting with startup ideas through the use of modern business methodologies such as the lean startup. Their goal is to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs in which teams can be formed, ideas can be generated and startups can learn and grow.

This exciting new group have big plans for this semester, including hosting a number of workshops, guest speaker presentations and competitions with prizes to be won. As well as teaching members the best methods for success, they offer personalised business advice and support to students through their growing network of industry and professional contacts.

Anyone is welcome to join the society and or come along to the events. Check them out on facebook or visit the website at www.qutlean.com