Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia 2013 set to be the largest celebration of entrepreneurship in Australia

With over 200 events and 20+ partners around the country, Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia is Australia’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship.

GEW Australia has brought together government organisations like Australian Taxation Office, Commonwealth Bank, RMIT as well as organisations like Start up Weekend, Majoran Distillery, Australian Business Week and many more.

What is it?

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Sustainability as it relates to strategy research and practice today

This year’s Strategic Management Society (SMS) International Conference held from September 28th to 2nd October in Atlanta, Georgia. Located conveniently in the downtown, at the OMNI hotel next to the global headquarter of CNN, the conference drew 903 total attendees from 41 different countries. About half of attendants (47%) were from outside the North America. The pre conference activities started with a series of workshops ran from morning until afternoon. I attended the workshop on “competitive strategy junior faculty and paper development workshop”, which set to help early careers with developing their research portfolio. In addition to paper development sessions, the workshop included two panel discussions. The panels focused on how to develop and sustain a robust research agenda and there were some discussions about the future trends in completive strategy. For instance, Bert Cannella from ASU suggested several themes that might be more important in future research of competitive strategy including; competitive dynamics, network analysis, strategic leadership and governance. This discussion was a chance for attendees to get to ask all the burning questions that there may not have been time for earlier in the day.

The opening day of the conference included a series of ’interest group’ sessions. I found one of the most inspiring and informative sessions to be one outside my comfort zone. I’ve worked on innovations, but the session featuring “strategies in the digital age” was fascinating. Featuring Read more

Shouting from the Ivory Tower

Professor Per Davidsson, Director of ACE

One of the missions of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) is to make research-based knowledge on entrepreneurship accessible and useful to practitioners. The question is how to best do that? One way we have tried is to write up short summaries of findings from academic research in newsletter stories and “research vignettes”. Not knowing quite how well that works, and being researchers, we actually did some research on how to communicate research. The result is an article by the title “Shouting from the Ivory tower: a marketing approach to improve communication of academic research to entrepreneurs” by Paul Steffens, Clinton Weeks, Lauren Isaak and myself which has now been accepted for publication in one of the leading academic journals, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. Ironically, this is of course the type of article and journal that practitioners don’t read, so hopefully the following little summary can reach more people. So, here it goes: Read more

Invitation to the launch of the Brisbane Business Excellence Roundtables

Thursday 17 October 2013 5.45pm for 6pm start – 7.30pm

to be held at QUT Gardens Point: The OJW Room, Level 12, S Block

Brisbane is a great place to do business and the Business Excellence Roundtables will bring experienced facilitators and business owners together to help businesses to improve and grow.  Running a small business is hard and sometimes lonely so why not explore how these groups of 8 to 12 business owners and professional business facilitators can help your buisness grow. Read more

ACE Bootcamp – Call for Expressions of Interest


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As a means of establishing and sustaining an international top position in entrepreneurship research, the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE)  hosts the “ACE Paper Development Bootcamp” in December of each year.

The Bootcamp is aimed at providing an opportunity for researchers to focus on the crafting and development of existing paper drafts, conference papers, previously rejected manuscripts and other file drawer ‘orphans’. Bootcamp participants include staff on all levels, from PhD students and early career researchers to full professors. With a number of leading conferences having paper deadlines in early in the year, including Academy of Management, this is an ideal time to focus on the development of your papers.

This year so far we can confirm that Frederic Delmar will join our group of ‘celebrity visitors’ and as in past years Dean Shepherd, Per Davidsson and Paul Steffens will chair sessions and offer mentoring Read more

Venture Debt Financing: Determinants of the Lending Decision

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Friday 18 October 2013  –  3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the QUT Gardens Point Campus,  

Presented by Gaétan de Rassenfosse – University of Melbourne, Australia

We provide the first empirical evidence on the determinants of the lending decision of venture debt firms, specialized institutions that provide loans to finance growth of high-tech startups. Building on existing field interviews and case studies, we design a choice experiment of the lending decision and conduct experiments with 55 senior venture lenders. We find support for the hypothesis that backing by venture capital firms substitutes for startups’ cash flow. Furthermore, we illustrate the signaling effect of patents and their role as collateral to facilitate the lending decision. Read more

Home-grown ideas driving METS success

New research has revealed that Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Service (METS) providers might be smaller in scale than their international rivals, but they make more money from new, cutting-edge products.

QUT researchers from the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research conducted a large survey of Australian METS to build a more accurate profile of the innovation and internationalisation in the sector.

Lead researcher Dr Henri Burgers said the study revealed Aussie METS are active innovators.

“The METS sector is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises – 88 per cent of the firms, which are predominantly Australian-owned – 79 per cent of the firms,” Dr Burgers said.

“METS firms are active in innovation, with 90 per cent of the firms investing in R&D. This leads Read more

PhD Opportunities at QUT

The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) at QUT is a nationally leading and internationally highly recognized research environment for studies in entrepreneurship. If you know a student with research talent and interests in this area, we would appreciate your passing on this information to them.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and in research studies, now is the time to apply for a scholarship for PhD studies at QUT! Top-up scholarships from the ACE centre may apply for successful applicants.  

ACE is part of the QUT Business School, which was the first in Australia to achieve “Triple Crown Accreditation” (AACSB; AMBA; EQUIS). We are located at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in the central parts of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is a growing city of 1.5 million with unbeatable climate and easy access to the beaches at Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as the rainforest parks in the hinterland. For further information about Brisbane, use this link:

Before applying, prospective students may want to check out the QUT Business School project topics page. However, other topics are also possible for your PhD.

The APA current round closes midnight 13 October, lodgement is requested by 11 October

More information

Shouting from the Ivory Tower

Paul Steffens, Clinton Weeks, Lauren Isaac and Per Davidsson have had the manuscript “Shouting from the Ivory tower: a marketing approach to improve communication of academic research to entrepreneurs‘ accepted for publication in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 

Evidence-based practice in entrepreneurship requires effective communication of research findings. We focus on how research synopses can “promote” research to entrepreneurs. Drawing on marketing communications literature, we examine how message characteristics of research synopses affect their appeal. We demonstrate the utility of conjoint analysis in this context and find message length, media richness and source credibility to have positive influences. We find mixed support for a hypothesized negative influence of jargon, and for our predictions that participants’ involvement with academic research moderates these effects. Exploratory analyses reveal latent classes of entrepreneurs with differing preferences, particularly for message length and jargon.

Read the full article now avaialbe on QUT e-prints

Quick reads – research findings from our team

The ACE research vignette series is aimed at sharing current and interesting research findings from our team of international Entrepreneurship researchers.

recent titles you may be interested in:

  • New firm formation and job creation.
  • Is business planning important for entrepreneurial success?
  • Do Entrepreneurs’ Personal Networks influence Small Firm Performance?
  • Is entrepreneurship a matter of personality?
  • Does it pay for established firms to be entrepreneurial? Can entrepreneurship be taught?
  • Is venture capital investment the key to success?

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