Breaking the Barriers to Student Entrepreneurship

Republished with the permission of the authorTim Hui, President of Fellowship of Medical Engineers & Student Ambassador at QUT.  Photography credit to Marvin Fox Photography.

May 31 saw a close to the Startup Hatch program, with a finale Showcase Event. Startup Hatch was a program planned over a period of 4.5 months, that kicked off on March 2nd and concluded on March 31st that gave university students the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

Students were encouraged to submit their idea at the start throughout January – February and pitch at Startup Hatch Launch for input and co-founders who could bring new and contrasting skillsets to their team. Startup Hatch Launch saw the formation of 13 teams and by the end of March, there were 19 teams taking part in the program. There were 15 partners, including leading companies to give students a unique insight and develop the core aspects of entrepreneurship and starting a business.

The final day of Startup Hatch, the Showcase, was ultimately a success with 9 of the teams willingly pitching to a panel of three judges and an audience of over 150 people. Read more

Stepping Towards an Enterprising Future


Entrepreneurship is buzzing at Queensland University of Technology, and its not just world class research. Increasingly our students are engaging in many activities linked to their formal studies and outside to develop their enterprising self. For those of you I have not yet met, my name is Colin Jones and I have just joined the School of Management. I am very excited to be arriving at the Queensland University of Technology right at this moment in time when helping our students to imagine and follow their dreams is such a strategic imperative. My past work has focused on the development of reasonable adventurers, or graduates capable of creating their own opportunities for satisfaction. I look forward to making the most of my contacts in the United States and Europe to help the Queensland University of Technology establish a reputation as a leading provider of entrepreneurship education. Critical to such aspirations is the need to connect our current and future efforts to existing programs, like QUT Starters and excellent leadership Development and Innovation program, which many Queensland University of Technology students are already participating in. We see entrepreneurship as not being containable to a classroom, and we aim to use the aspirations of our students to contextualize their learning opportunities in the dynamic space. We believe our students already exist in the real world and we want to help them to realize the change that is possible in both themselves and the future world of their dreams.

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