No patent, no success? How to protect your business idea.

Thursday, 19 November 2015 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (AEST)



You have an innovative idea and want to start a venture? Promoting your business idea – both offline and online – is a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey. As start-ups seek customers, potential partners, investors or even new employees, they must repeatedly reveal details about their product or service to others. Safeguarding intellectual property has become crucial to developing and maintaining a successful business.

Learn more about how, when and why during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015! The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, IP Australia and QUT Bluebox kindly invite you for their interactive event on intellectual property on Thursday 19 November. Kevin Restrick, Senior Patent Examiner at IP Australia, and Brent Watts, Director Innovation & Engagement at QUT Bluebox, Dr Matthew Rimmer, QUT Professor in Intellectual Property and Innovation will share their expertise and answer questions. Sam James and Laurie Malone founders of Blucore and Vald Performance, will reflect on intellectual property issues throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Come along and join the discussion!

Future Working: The Age of Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (AEST)



Australia’s new Prime Minister has issued the nation a challenge: to become more entrepreneurial and innovative so we can keep improving our living standards in a more competitive world.

The challenge for Malcolm Turnbull is to foster an environment where this can happen.
Future Working – The Age of Entrepreneurship is a Real World Conversation where these challenges will be analysed. And some solutions to the impediments to entrepreneurship will be identified. We already know that young small-to-medium enterprises are the engine room of job growth but what more can a more entrepreneurial society achieve?

The questions to be examined include how entrepreneurship can ease underemployment, youth unemployment and help new immigrant groups to Australia. There are also challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs to serve (or be drawn) from the increased ageing population. This event will bring together perspectives from different arenas to identify an agenda for development.

The Real World Conversation, in partnership with Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, invite you to hear leading speakers on these issues and participate in small group workshops which will create an agenda for change to help address this national challenge.

SPEAKERS: Prof Per Davidsson | Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Assoc Prof Paul Steffens | Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Ran Heimann | Founder & CEO, Haystack, Vanessa Garrard | Founder & CEO, E3 Style  Rebecca Wilson | Founder & CEO, Starts at 60, Jeremy Liddle | CEO, CapitalPitch