QSBW – a busy time for ACE !

2014 Queensland Small Business Week (September 1-5) was a busy time for ACE, with lots of external exposure and great networking. It started on the Monday with the high profile event “Are You a Business Tiger?”, organised by the Small Business Minister’s office, in QUT’s exquisite “Room Three-Sixty”. ACE Director, Per Davidsson, was one of the key presenters-panelists, along with Dhruba Gupta, Paul Niederer, Kit Kriewaldt and Emily Jade O’Keeffe.  Per’s speech was one of “encouragement and caution” – based on research – in relation to canonising the most rapidly growing firms in the economy. The event was also streamed to over 700 participants in regions throught out Queensland.  The Queensland Minster for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Honourable Jann Stuckey MP, closed the plenary part of the event. This was followed by roundtable sessions, many of which were facilitated by ACE and QUT Business School affilates, Paul Steffens, Rowena Barrett, Stephane Tywoniak, John Polichronis, Sukie Sawang, Sandeep Salunke, Tonis Mets, Julienne Senyard and Deb McGregor. Read more

Are you a small business owner? If so, we want your opinions!

Do happy and healthy business owners lead to business growth? What actually motivates you to be in business?

QUT Business School is conducting a research project on how motivations and emotions such as passion influence small businesses. The findings are expected to help small business owners to better align their personal motivations with their business goals. This project also aims to help investors to recognise the values of passion and motivations in influencing the longevity of small businesses.

If you are an Australian sole trader, Read more

Call for applications: 15 post doctoral research fellowships


 The Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) advertises 15 post doctoral research fellowships here, with further information here.  “Business Innovation” is one of the possible areas to fill these positions. Entrepreneurship-oriented candidates with good research credentials would have a good chance of being competitive, especially if they can show a track record relating to one or more of the substantive content areas of interest (Digital Media; Machine Learning; Robotics and Computer Vision; Biofabrication and Biomaterials; Plant Biotechnology; Environmental Health / Air Quality; Children and Youth Intervention; Intellectual Property; Healthy Ageing; Systems Biology; Health Economics).

 If an entrepreneurship-oriented candidate gets one of these positions s/he would be affiliated with The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE); the leading research group in this field in Australia (see also here). Read more