Research Identifies ACE Director as Most Cited Scholar on Firm Growth

A research study presented at the recent international workshop on “Entrepreneurship, Culture, Finance and Economic Development” (ECFED) in Klagenfurt, Austria, identifies ACE Director Per Davidsson as the most cited scholar in the world on the topic of firm growth. Being highly cited means that the research has had strong impact on the ensuing work by other scholars. In addition, the ten spots immediately following Per includes his former PhD students Johan Wiklund and Frederic Delmar as well as a veritable “Who Is Who?” of entrepreneurship research: David Audretch, Arnie Cooper, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Scott Shane, David Storey, and Shaker Zahra. The latter six are all recipients of “The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research”, which is the most prestigious research award in existence in this field.

The title of the study is “Firm Growth: Research Front and Intellectual Structure”, written by Ivan Zupic and Mateja Drnovsek of the University of Ljubljana. Their comprehensive, bibliometric study is based on 422 articles on firm growth published since the year 2003, and uses citation data from the Social Sciences Citation Index to identify the most frequently cited lead authors. As co-author of 7 of the 422 articles, Per also earned a third rank in terms of numbers of articles on the topic. Fittingly, Per was present at the conference as keynote speaker, delivering an address entitled “25 years of researching entrepreneurship: What we (I) have learned and what the future might bring”.