Practical Advice to Entrepreneurs

Introducing … Practical Advice to Entrepreneurs by Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) Adjunct Professor Dean Shepherd

I am interested in the psychology of entrepreneurship—how entrepreneurs think, decide to act, and feel. I recently realized that while my publications in academic journals have implications for entrepreneurs, those implications have remained relatively hidden in the text of the articles and hidden in articles published in journals largely inaccessible to those involved in the entrepreneurial process. This new e-book is designed to bring the practical implications of my research to the forefront.

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‘ACE was a very rich experience for me’

Professor Semra F. Ascigil is visiting academic to the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) from February to May 2014. Her visit it supported by her home institution, the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey through their Academic Staff Mobility Program.

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We can welcome a new member to ACE: Professor Tõnis Mets!

Tõnis is an incoming Marie Curie Fellow funded by a European Union grant, which pays for his 2-year stay with us. Technically, he is now a QUT employee. Otherwise, his home institution is the University of Tartu in Estonia, where he is professor as well as creator and former director of their entrepreneurship centre. Some may recall Tõnis from the ACERE conference in Fremantle a couple of years ago, where he received a best paper award.

Tõnis has a rich and varied background as PhD in engineering, patent expert, inventor, entrepreneur, and eventually a social scientist focussing on entrepreneurship. He also has broad interests across entrepreneurship research, teaching, and practice. He won his fellowship based on an application revolving around an ambitious project on The Entrepreneurial Process. I know this is an interest many of you – and I – share. As regards types of firm his primary interest is in the high-tech area.