Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia 2013 set to be the largest celebration of entrepreneurship in Australia

With over 200 events and 20+ partners around the country, Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia is Australia’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship.

GEW Australia has brought together government organisations like Australian Taxation Office, Commonwealth Bank, RMIT as well as organisations like Start up Weekend, Majoran Distillery, Australian Business Week and many more.

What is it?

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Sustainability as it relates to strategy research and practice today

This year’s Strategic Management Society (SMS) International Conference held from September 28th to 2nd October in Atlanta, Georgia. Located conveniently in the downtown, at the OMNI hotel next to the global headquarter of CNN, the conference drew 903 total attendees from 41 different countries. About half of attendants (47%) were from outside the North America. The pre conference activities started with a series of workshops ran from morning until afternoon. I attended the workshop on “competitive strategy junior faculty and paper development workshop”, which set to help early careers with developing their research portfolio. In addition to paper development sessions, the workshop included two panel discussions. The panels focused on how to develop and sustain a robust research agenda and there were some discussions about the future trends in completive strategy. For instance, Bert Cannella from ASU suggested several themes that might be more important in future research of competitive strategy including; competitive dynamics, network analysis, strategic leadership and governance. This discussion was a chance for attendees to get to ask all the burning questions that there may not have been time for earlier in the day.

The opening day of the conference included a series of ’interest group’ sessions. I found one of the most inspiring and informative sessions to be one outside my comfort zone. I’ve worked on innovations, but the session featuring “strategies in the digital age” was fascinating. Featuring Read more