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The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) at QUT is a nationally leading and internationally highly recognized research environment for studies in entrepreneurship. If you know a student with research talent and interests in this area, we would appreciate your passing on this information to them.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and in research studies, now is the time to apply for a scholarship for PhD studies at QUT! Top-up scholarships from the ACE centre may apply for successful applicants.  

ACE is part of the QUT Business School, which was the first in Australia to achieve “Triple Crown Accreditation” (AACSB; AMBA; EQUIS). We are located at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in the central parts of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is a growing city of 1.5 million with unbeatable climate and easy access to the beaches at Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as the rainforest parks in the hinterland. For further information about Brisbane, use this link:

Before applying, prospective students may want to check out the QUT Business School project topics page. However, other topics are also possible for your PhD.

The APA current round closes midnight 13 October, lodgement is requested by 11 October

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Shouting from the Ivory Tower

Paul Steffens, Clinton Weeks, Lauren Isaac and Per Davidsson have had the manuscript “Shouting from the Ivory tower: a marketing approach to improve communication of academic research to entrepreneurs‘ accepted for publication in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 

Evidence-based practice in entrepreneurship requires effective communication of research findings. We focus on how research synopses can “promote” research to entrepreneurs. Drawing on marketing communications literature, we examine how message characteristics of research synopses affect their appeal. We demonstrate the utility of conjoint analysis in this context and find message length, media richness and source credibility to have positive influences. We find mixed support for a hypothesized negative influence of jargon, and for our predictions that participants’ involvement with academic research moderates these effects. Exploratory analyses reveal latent classes of entrepreneurs with differing preferences, particularly for message length and jargon.

Read the full article now avaialbe on QUT e-prints

Quick reads – research findings from our team

The ACE research vignette series is aimed at sharing current and interesting research findings from our team of international Entrepreneurship researchers.

recent titles you may be interested in:

  • New firm formation and job creation.
  • Is business planning important for entrepreneurial success?
  • Do Entrepreneurs’ Personal Networks influence Small Firm Performance?
  • Is entrepreneurship a matter of personality?
  • Does it pay for established firms to be entrepreneurial? Can entrepreneurship be taught?
  • Is venture capital investment the key to success?

Click here to view the complete title list: ACE research vignette series

Outstanding Contribution to Entrepreneurship Research

Congratulations to Professor Per Davidsson, Director – Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, School of Management, QUT who has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Business and Economics, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany July 2013. This award recognizes Per for his ‘outstanding scholarly contributions in the field of entrepreneurship.  His widely recognized methodological contributions, his studies on the transition to entrepreneurship and his international research work has become benchmarks for entrepreneurship studies.  Moreover, he has mentored the most influential young  entrepreneurship researchers in the field of entrepreneurship.’

Per Honorary Doctorate Leuphana U, Luneburg Germany July 2013



An Ecological Approach to Firm Survival

Earlier this year Colin Jones from the University of Tasmania presented this interactive research seminar at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship in Brisbane.

Follow this link to view this ACE Research Seminar

Is it possible that a plausible explanation of firm survival could emerge seemingly independent of all the actors involved in the related events? Perhaps it should not be surprising that it could when one considers the absence of any current unifying and/or coherent explanation of firm survival (Yang and Aldrich, 2012). Indeed, it would seem that the complexity of firm formats, ever-present environmental heterogeneity, diverse research methods, competing theoretical frameworks and inconsistent definitions for variables and measures (Lewin and Volberda, 1999) conspire to restrict our agreed knowledge of firm survival.  This research does not seek to resolve this problem, rather, it seeks to Read more

QUT Business School Success in CRC Collaboration

Professor Lionel Page and Associate Professor Rob Perrons are among a team of academics from QUT that were successful in their submission to AutoCRC for a project entitled EEV Future Regional Market and Technology Uptake Study. The total funding awarded to the QUT Business School team is $238,000 over the three-year project plus funding for 2 PhD students. Malaysia Automotive Institute is a partner on the project. The project will analyze barriers to the uptake of energy-efficient vehicles, including market forces and infrastructure, in four Asian countries—specifically, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Rob Perrons is an active member of ACE and we congratulate him, Lionel Page and the QUT team for this great achievement !

Per Davidsson Grows Entrepreneurship Scholars

The Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division’s slogan is ‘we grow entrepreneurship scholars’.  Each year the division honours a senior scholar for their efforts in doing just that.  This mentor award recognises excellence in the field of entrepreneurship by way of mentoring junior colleagues and doctoral students. The winner of this year’s mentor award is the ACE’s [Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research] own Prof Per Davidsson. The nomination made the case as follows:

“Per Davidsson is a natural scholar; he is curious and aims to make a lasting contribution to our knowledge of the entrepreneurship phenomenon. The field needs people like Per. However, more importantly to his students, collaborators, and the field more generally, he is generous by nature. So while his academic contributions may be many, we all get the sense that Per understands that encouraging new scholars and even quite senior colleagues to share his authentic desire to understand the field will undoubtedly be his most significant legacy. We think this is something that should be commended, and acknowledged through an award fitting the sprit Per Davidsson brings to entrepreneurship scholarship.”

The selection process, as well as reviewing the nominees record of mentoring, included letters of support from Per’s mentees and those who’ve worked closely with him over the years.   The letters share each writer’s personal experience of Per, the influence he had, and include among their number them a note from a prior a winner of this very same award. Almost 50 such letters of support were received from mentees and colleagues around the world. A clear measure of the esteem by which Per’s is held in our community.  We here at ACE know only too well the amount of work Per has put in to developing the centre to be a vibrant community of entrepreneurship scholars. We also know this award means a lot to Per – so please share in congratulating him.

Mike Wright, Per Davidsson and David Audretsch

Mike Wright, Per Davidsson and David Audretsch


Many thanks to Dr Scott Gordon for contributing this story.