Directors Message – November 2011

Welcome to the first newsletter from The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE)! Hosted at the Queensland University of Technology, ACE has two missions: 1) to sustain our position as leading in Australia and highly recognised internationally as a leading producer of entrepreneurship research, and 2) to be a major hub for making entrepreneurship research accessible and useful to practitioners. This goes for our own research as well as that undertaken by colleagues elsewhere in Australia and around the world.

We intend for the newsletter to be a regular means of communication to support ACEs second mission. It will allow us to not only share some of the successes that our researchers are having, but also as a means of introducing, and providing direct access to research findings that may be of interest.

I recently wrote an opinion piece for Brisbane Business News which provides my view on the role that centres like ACE has in servicing practice. You can read it here.

You were selected for our mailing list as someone who may have an interest in research-based knowledge about entrepreneurship. In this we include creation of new ventures by individuals as well as by existing firms. ACE also covers related areas such as innovation, small business management, and new venture funding. We very much welcome your involvement with our centre. Indeed, the value of ACE is as much in the level of engagement we have with you, as it is with the academic research that our great team is conducting. We certainly welcome your feedback on how ACE may better serve your interests.