2 Things I found in QUT’s studywell this Summer

The holidays are almost over, but before the real world learning takes over my schedule, I decided to dedicate some of my holiday time to sharpening up my study skills to get ready for the new semester. I recently discovered QUT’s studywell portal and it proved to be a treasure trove of resources. Read more

Life Hack: QUT Edition

A ‘life hack’ is a tip, trick or hint that increases productivity and efficiency, and in my opinion, makes life that little bit more awesome.  It’s like a cheat code for life that enriches your experience.  Throughout my two years at uni, I’ve come across some cool things that other students might have no idea about.  So, I’ve decided to share a few tips and secrets to make your life easier at QUT. Read more

Confessions of a Third Year

I am a third year university student without the faintest clue how to enrol successfully in Blackboard. Whilst you may believe that simple sentence immediately discounts any possible validity this blog (or future posts) may contain, I maintain that honesty really is the best policy, and I promise there is something you can learn from this!

Read more