A beginner’s guide to Guild elections

It’s that time of year again.  Swarms of colourful t-shirts are out in force at Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove, armed with bright smiles and informative flyers.  Student Guild elections are upon us.  If this is your first year at QUT or you just don’t know much about it, let me give you a quick introduction to the whole thing.

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On Monday. (Bright Shirts and Bleary Eyes)

So Josh (bf) and I went out and had a bit of a bender on the weekend. I haven’t been out in ages – I think it’s something to do with the cold weather, having nothing to wear, my old age (25 now!!!) and the fact that I have such a difficult time convincing myself that it really is worth spending a fortnight’s pay on evening activities. After two all-nighters, close to $1,000 down the drain and some legitimate attempts at shufflin’ (as in everyday I’m shufflin’) I am proud to say that YES – I can definitely see the value of a once-in-a-while valley stumble. (Not that I condone binge drinking, of course.) In between sleeping and hitting the clubs, we also managed to get through the entire first season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD. And I like it even better than The Sopranos.

MY PROBLEM, however, arose when I got to uni Monday morning.

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