On Monday. (Bright Shirts and Bleary Eyes)

So Josh (bf) and I went out and had a bit of a bender on the weekend. I haven’t been out in ages – I think it’s something to do with the cold weather, having nothing to wear, my old age (25 now!!!) and the fact that I have such a difficult time convincing myself that it really is worth spending a fortnight’s pay on evening activities. After two all-nighters, close to $1,000 down the drain and some legitimate attempts at shufflin’ (as in everyday I’m shufflin’) I am proud to say that YES – I can definitely see the value of a once-in-a-while valley stumble. (Not that I condone binge drinking, of course.) In between sleeping and hitting the clubs, we also managed to get through the entire first season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD. And I like it even better than The Sopranos.

MY PROBLEM, however, arose when I got to uni Monday morning.

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