Week One Lectures: Why did I bother? Feat. Catme

Think back to those sweet memories of your perfect summer holiday; those trips to the beach; your unforgettable overseas adventures; the impossible weekday benders; the four months of time to do whatever hell you wanted… And quietly come to the realisation that those days are now over. Ha ha hah.

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This is it.

I gotta admit: I left this to the last minute. I had great plans to give every other respectable blogger wannabe a run for their money because I was going to come in with a bang: but alas, I will blame any signs of underperformance on you, Miss Queensland University of Technology: you’ve been keeping me under wraps.

I am old – I guess not old, but older than your typical university first year student. And I suppose that doesn’t matter one bit when it comes to a new experience like being a uni student for the first time. I had the same first day chills as everyone else: Should I wake up extra early to figure out the bus timetables? Do kids these days still scribble notes by hand? Do I wear a dress or do I wear pants? Will I meet ten cool people today? Five? One? Will I awkwardly sit alone outside the library eating a ham sandwich? I really don’t want to sit outside the library eating a ham sandwich.

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