Entering the Real World

Are you concerned about getting a job at the end of university?

I’m here to tell you about my experience entering the real world. I’ll share some great advice which helped me go from high school student, to university student, to working in the ‘real world’ – and I’m not even finished my degree yet!

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World Architecture Day

Happy World Architecture Day to you all!

Studying architecture is a rewarding and enjoyable journey … and here at QUT you really get to immerse your creative mind in a range of hands-on projects – especially model making. Model making is one of the greatest tools that help architects to design places!

Here are some of my interesting and unique models I have enjoyed making whilst at QUT.


Paper light made from old books.

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Can you name that building?

What comes to mind when you think of Architecture?

Buildings, drawing, and design you might say.

You are right!

So, if you are interested in studying Design such as Architecture, the best preparation you can do is to start researching. Begin with famous buildings, famous architects, and even search out any books they may have written. Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier are two intriguing individuals who have made radical changes in the world of Architecture.

In addition, get your drawing on! There is no better way to prepare for a design course than to begin developing your own drawing style. You can draw up your own designs or practice drawing other famous buildings – just as I have here.


Can you name any of these famous buildings?

Drawing is how we talk in design. Instead of explaining your ideas with words – we simply draw. And that takes practice. So start now!

There is a lot on offer and you don’t have to be restricted to one design degree. In your second year of study you get to choose other subjects in any of the design disciplines to combine with your degree. Read more here.

Happy drawing!

I’m sorry, did you say ‘class is full’?

ARGHH!! Stress! Stress! Stress! START QUT students’ class registration opened today so in my spare class at school I hopped online to get into a class early that wouldn’t disrupt school so much. Lecture and tutorial on Monday. Sweet but no, wait, something’s wrong. Class full: you have been placed on a waiting list. Pardon? Class registration isn’t supposed to officially open until Monday and the compulsory lecture is FULL!? so after a major heart attack and repressed scream resulting in only a few casualties, I realised I should probably contact the START QUT services. Turns out that my disintegration of sanity was for no reason – with only one lecture available I was automatically placed in the class. *sigh*

Final submission due Sunday and I’m on top of it. Class registration complete and holidays looming; Semester 1 university subject in QUT Bachelor of Design: done. well.. almost.
Doing university and school at the same time really is possible, you just have to have a hug, a smile, a laugh and a bed somewhere to keep you going.

Origins of QUT web-sapiens: New QUT website launch and a look back from 1997

Human evolution has been explored, questioned and personified in a variety of ways depending on the intricate evidence presented at the time being. And I’m no ancestry alien to prove any theories on human evolution right or wrong. However, as a friend to the human race which has evolved over a thousand years, I think something went very wrong.

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