In over my head or just highly ambitious?

1We all have those moments of doubt. You sit there and wonder, “Did I overestimate myself?” or “Will I fall to pieces and crumble under pressure?” or “Will it all be worth it in the end”. If you haven’t already guessed, that’s the position I am in at this very point in time.

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A Public Relations Student in China

Being at uni isn’t just about slaving away partying procrastinating broadening your knowledge in the classroom.  There are so many opportunities to gain new skills, meet new friends and create some fantastic memories, if you know where to find them!  One such opportunity the Business School offers is going on a short-term exchange.

Last year in July I was fortunate enough to go on a 2 week short exchange to the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) Summer Camp in Chengdu, China.  The university hosted around 60 uni students from countries all around the world – Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa and the UK to name a few – to broaden our knowledge of Chinese culture, language and business practices.

'Melissa' in Chinese

‘Melissa’ in Chinese

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Week One Lectures: Why did I bother? Feat. Catme

Think back to those sweet memories of your perfect summer holiday; those trips to the beach; your unforgettable overseas adventures; the impossible weekday benders; the four months of time to do whatever hell you wanted… And quietly come to the realisation that those days are now over. Ha ha hah.

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Second thoughts

After finishing my secondyear of uni, you might think I’d have everything sorted right now; that I’d be happy with what I’m studying and where I am in life and that I’ve set myself up to graduate with an awesome degree.  Truth is, the more I think about it, the less certain I feel about everything.  Especially my course.

It would be great if I could just sit at home and get paid to eat and watch movies. That would be a perfect job.

Me getting paid to eat, what a life!

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Cats and Courses

To be perfectly honest with you I would be happy living like my sim in Sims 3 Pets; in a cozy house with a cat named Pudding and making outrageous amounts of money through royalties gained with my 12 best-selling novels.  Plus the occasional cheat code for lots of money helps as well.  But alas, there are no cheat codes in the real world and if you want to be successful you have to put in the hard yards.

Back-up plan if I fail university: become a crazy cat lady.
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