Current bloggers

I am a mildly annoying girl that participates in almost every activity on campus (if only I had time for all of it!). Hi! I’m Ana and I study Public Relations at the QUT Business School. My goal is to share all my uni tips and adventures with you. University is not only classes and books, it gives you a lot of free stuff, and I don’t mean O-Week freebies. I want to inspire people to use co-curricular involvement for their own growth and advantage.
One trick pony? Not me! From footy to physics with almost everything you can think of in between, I have lived a life very short on monotony and don’t plan on changing any time soon. I am a final year science student, passionate about solving problems and knowing how things work. Uni is a place where every day you have an opportunity to better yourself, and taking every one of those opportunities has led me to cutting edge research, study abroad and a network of amazing people.
Hi there! I’m Laura and here are three facts about me:
1. I am a 4th year Law/Psychology Student who dreams of working towards better social justice outcomes within the community legal sector.
2. My favorite uni hangout spot is ‘The Menagerie’ cafe at Kelvin Grove.
3. To relax I like to run and try my hand at circus (backup career as a clown if law doesn’t work out).
Hi! I’m Racquel. I’m in my last year of my Bachelor of Business degree and intend on studying a Masters degree eventually. You’ll usually find me either creating something- whether that’s writing or designing-, travelling, or surfing YouTube in search of some quality Internet content. Otherwise, I’ll be making a mean cup of coffee, road tripping somewhere, or stressing about something..
I’m Roseanna and I study Interior Design at QUT. I love travelling and have visited various countries around the globe including; Thailand, Cambodia, New York, Canada, England, and New Zealand. However, I have always called Brisbane my home and it’s here that I was able to score a job in design through connections from QUT. My journey to this moment has been daunting but exciting. I have so much more to tell you so head on over to my blog and check it out.
My name is Sean, and I am a 3rd year Primary Education student. Being in 3rd year means that I have finally settled in to Uni life, especially after being in the corporate arena as a Graphic Designer for 15 years. I am loving my degree, and loving meeting new friends even more. On top of being a Graphic Designer, I am a singer/songwriter, having been signed to Universal Music in a past life, and am still busting out tunes around town (keep an eye out). I intend to bring you some wonderful anecdotes and fables surrounding my ‘mature aged’ experiences at QUT – after all, there’s fun to be had, and I have the experience to have it.
I’m Yacine and I find it incredibly difficult to write blurbs about myself. But, I’ll try. I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Creative Industries (Media and Communication). What a mouthful, right?! When people ask me what I would like to do when I graduate, I kind of give them blank stares. There is so much I would love to do in my career. Move to London, run a creative agency, work in a hotshot corporate firm or even travel the world in a musical production of Cats! I’ve never seen the musical, but still, how cool would that be! Anyway, I’ve exceeded my word limit so I look forward to writing and posting awesome random stuff for you guys!