Current bloggers

With a few Bachelor of Laws subjects between Amanda and her second QUT degree (yes! She came back after being awarded a Bachelor of Business!), the mortar board is almost close enough to cause pre-emptive hat hair. When Amanda’s not busy being the self-appointed defender of Maria Sharapova or imagining what she would serve Kevin McCleod of Grand Designs fame should he ever come for dinner, she might be taking a break from the important issues of the day and wondering how Olivia Palermo combines clashing prints without looking like she got dressed in the dark.
I am a mildly annoying girl that participates in almost every activity on campus (if only I had time for all of it!). Hi! I’m Ana and I study Public Relations at the QUT Business School. My goal is to share all my uni tips and adventures with you. University is not only classes and books, it gives you a lot of free stuff, and I don’t mean O-Week freebies. I want to inspire people to use co-curricular involvement for their own growth and advantage.
Hey Everyone! I’m Austin and I’m a first year Interactive Media Design and Information Technology student. This year I’ll be juggling a part time job, university and the goal by the end of the year is to be self employed. I love creating things people enjoy- from images, videos, blog posts or something interactive, I love doing it all. I hope to one day be travelling around the world and running my own business.
Six years touring the country in rock bands and a foray on television has somehow led me to a QUT science degree! I’m a space nerd and a Carl Sagan aficionado, with a shuttle on my arm to prove it. I have no idea where I want to be in at the end of my degree, but studying science, and already working with research groups has given me some grand ideas. SETI, CERN, MIT, JPL…who knows! Either way, I will have a snickers bar and a coffee in hand.
Hey there pals, I’m Imogen and I’m in my final year of Journalism. My habits include being a music snob, stalking myself on Instagram, crying because I’m not in Europe anymore and pestering my friends to hang out with me. I like op shops, airports, chubby babies and breaking news updates on my BBC app. I am afraid of my teeth falling out (again) and asteroids. I’m learning Turkish and only sometimes wish I wasn’t the height of an elf. I hope you have a fab day!
Being a Kiwi and all I should probably start with Kia ora! I’m Jason and I’m a final year Podiatry student. This is my seventh year of full time study having completed a Diploma of Fitness before studying at QUT. I’m a sports fanatic and watching a few sneaky hours of football in the early mornings has led to close calls of missing public transport. Sometimes you have to live life on edge, even if that is the edge of the couch watching Arsenal get knocked out of the UEFA Champions League on a regular basis.
I’m Kelvin and I am in my 3rd year of studying Information Technology and Interactive and Visual Design. I don’t exactly know what I want to do when I graduate yet, but I know that I would love to work in part of the film /entertainment industry. This stems from my inner cinephile; I love watching movies, learning about how they are made, and making as many pop culture references as possible. If the power is out you’ll find me in my hammock with a book, or burning through a roll of film with my camera. Doing something creative keeps me sane and dabbling with technology interests me greatly.
Hey! I’m Laura; a Law/Psych student of wild imagination and sporadic study motivation. Outside of my uni degree I’m an aspiring playwright and horrible (though trying) runner. I’m a skilled rock climber and cart wheeler, but a terrible baker and toe nail painter. My dream job is to work as a social justice lawyer/assist community services groups, or as a self-employed badass British tomb raider who travels the world fighting ancient mythological evils. You’ll find me at a uni coffee shop with a dirty chai latte on almond milk (baristas hate me) and my head phones in pretending to listen to lectures, but really watching pimple-popping videos on YouTube.
Hi! My name is Maddie, and I’m in my final year of undergraduate study. I’m completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Drama whilst working as much as I can in the theatre industry – and blogging for QUT, of course! If you like quick wit, bad puns, and an abundance of self-deprecation, then you won’t like me… See what I did there? I’m here to share my experiences as a typical drama student and as a student with a disability. When I’m not blogging, I’m usually writing assignments or avoiding them completely. Hey, no one ever said uni was easy!
Hiya guys. I’m Racquel and I’m a third year Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student. I love to travel and write about my experiences. I’m a self-confessed Instagram addict who watches way too much Geordie Shore. I can make a mean cup of coffee (#baristalife), I’ve been told that my jokes are lame (I beg to differ…) and I was put on this planet to have a laugh then fall asleep on couches.
My name is Roseanna and I study Interior Design at QUT. If I’m not drawing my designs, I’m drawing for fun, or adventuring outside in the open air. On a sunny day you’ll find me climbing mountains and jumping in creeks, rivers and the ocean. I aim to finish my degree and travel as many places as I can before settling down in a Brisbane firm and designing restaurants and hotels with the experience and inspiration gained from my worldwide adventures.
Hello! I’m Sara and I’m in my fourth year of studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Bachelor of Business. I major in Creative and Professional Writing, and Economics. I like reading, I like writing, and I like drawing graphs. I am VERY good at singing Adele songs and my favourite colour is glitter. I hope my future is as bright as the sequins I wear.
My name is Sean, and I am a 3rd year Primary Education student. Being in 3rd year means that I have finally settled in to Uni life, especially after being in the corporate arena as a Graphic Designer for 15 years. I am loving my degree, and loving meeting new friends even more. On top of being a Graphic Designer, I am a singer/songwriter, having been signed to Universal Music in a past life, and am still busting out tunes around town (keep an eye out). I intend to bring you some wonderful anecdotes and fables surrounding my ‘mature aged’ experiences at QUT – after all, there’s fun to be had, and I have the experience to have it.
I’m Yacine and I find it incredibly difficult to write blurbs about myself. But, I’ll try. I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Creative Industries (Media and Communication). What a mouthful, right?! When people ask me what I would like to do when I graduate, I kind of give them blank stares. There is so much I would love to do in my career. Move to London, run a creative agency, work in a hotshot corporate firm or even travel the world in a musical production of Cats! I’ve never seen the musical, but still, how cool would that be! Anyway, I’ve exceeded my word limit so I look forward to writing and posting awesome random stuff for you guys!