As I’m writing this it is exactly 4 weeks until the infamous schoolies week. My group and I had already booked our room by this time last year. We were booked into this dodgy hotel that looked like an 80’s time machine.  Now I mean that’s sort of what you want for schoolies right? A dodgy-ish apartment with relaxed rules and less stuff to break?

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Losing My Concert Virginity Via The Wombats.

No this isn’t the script for a sadistic and beastly horror movie. This is the story of my first concert. The Wombats for those who don’t know are an indie rock band from Liverpool. The band consisting of Tod, Dan and Murph (I use the first names because I know them so well ;)) met at the Liverpool institute of performing arts and have since released 3 albums and numerous songs in between.

The band has toured Australia a number of times and was here early this year, but they returned again last Thursday to the Riverstage for yet another amazing concert. Let me tell you how the concert went down.

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The little man upstairs…

 There’s always that myth going around that we only use ten per cent of brains capacity, me being the highly qualified scientist that I am (not), have this theory that during those two days before a very important exam, a little man in your head gets out of his chair and walks to this huge machine called your brain. I can imagine it being this huge intricate system with flashing lights and it making a whirring sound. There’s this huge keyboard looking thing and on it is two huge buttons. A shiny green button and an even shinier red button, which one does that little man press?

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Facebook Vs Tumblr

It seems like only yesterday when myspace was ruled the computers, today it’s facebook. Everyone has facebook. Even my grandad has it. It’s a way of getting in touch with old friends and stalking those people you’re curious about. It seems like most of my time is taken up by status updates and friend requests, event invitations and photos and last and definitely least; need numbers invitations.

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I’ve Always Wanted A Super Power!

Now most kids including me always imagined themselves possessing some extraordinary super power like Invincibility, Super Strength, Speed and Flight……
On my first day of university life I found out I had the ability to become invisible. My first day of university was daunting. Imagine a 17 year old kid still in year 12, amongst all the older sophisticated uni students. The first day of anything is always really nerve racking, for most people anyway. As soon as you are where you need to be it’s as if either you’ve started shrinking or everything around you is growing.  Time slows down and your eyes seem to absorb everything and everyone. My heart was pounding; I had tried to psyche myself up on the hour and a half train and bus trip to the colosseum of a room I now stood in. Every part of my body hoped that the others wouldn’t smell a school kid, the fresh meat.