It’s week 9! How the hell did this happen?

It’s my final semester so I’ve been absolutely pumped. I thought this is my last chance to be organised from the beginning and do really well in assessments. Now it’s week nine and I’m as unorganised as ever.

Firstly, where did the first 8 weeks of the semester go? What did I do?

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Another year of university life has come to an end and it is time to enjoy the summer holidays.  Make the most of it as they will come to an end before you know it!

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The customer is always right….

 …… whoever said this must have been a customer!

The customer is not always right and sometimes really not worth the trouble. Unfortunately working in hospitality and customer service in general means it is your job to be nice no matter how stupid the customer is.

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What’s your favourite snack when studying?

I guess everybody has different cravings when studying or a certain type of food you love eating just before you have an important exam. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who can’t eat at all before exams. It would save me an awful lot of money as I already spent enough on take away coffee on campus.

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Brisbane Festival

I’ve lived in Brisbane since 2008. It was the only year I managed to go and see  Riverfire.  The last couple of years I managed to miss out on it because I had to work.

It took me until this year to find out there is a whole festival attached to Riverfire Day. I reckon it has something to do with a friend of mine who is working for Brisbane Festival. Without her telling me about all the shows and events happening during the three week period I wouldn’t have known.

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Concerned about peoples work ethics/morals

What is considered good work ethic?  A dictionary definition describes it as a set of values based on moral virtues of hard work and diligence. I believe you can’t find one definition that fits all types as everybody has different moral virtues. For some people good work ethic might be arriving on time for work and others think fulfilling their duties and going beyond what was asked is considered good work ethic.

This is a precarious topic as everybody will have an opinion about it and I am not seeking to start an extensive discussion. I just need to vent a little as I have been in more than one situation I would consider as bad work ethic behaviour.

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Ready for another round?

I am truly excited about being back at uni. Ok some people will think I am completely nuts but it is the truth. Of course I’d prefer longer holidays but I can’t change the fact that the break between first and second semester is only about 4 weeks +/- one week (depending on the exams etc).

10 things I like about starting a new semester:

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Some of us have lots of friends, while others only a small circle. There are the childhood friends, the ones you made mud cakes in the sandpit with. You may still be close after school, university, etc or you drift in different directions. Then there are friends you make in school – you may have spent every minute together but after you finish school you don’t speak to each other anymore. There are people you called your friends but they disappear as soon as you actually need their help. In those situations you learn who your true friends are and sometimes and it turns out to be people you never have considered… Read more

My first blog

I wish I would have written this blog earlier. After reading all the fantastic blogs with heaps of helpful tips/statements about university life I feel the pressure. First of all will people read my blog? Will people like my writing style? Do they understand my strange sense of humour? I could go on about this for a little longer.  

It’s like working on an assignment. You are constantly worried if the end product will satisfy the marker and in my case the reader.
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