Life after graduation – the journey since December 14, 2011

It’s like you’re studying forever, then suddenly you look like you are being inducted into Gryffindor, before a strange person in a funny shaped hat announces your name and your degree title… You have suddenly graduated from university. What an amazing feeling it is. Despite regaining some time to watch television without feeling guilty, it is a feeling that keeps you wondering what’s next. I didn’t exactly know what that would be for me, and I was entirely ready to find out either.

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Unashamed Excellence. Supporting Opti-Minds

Keen on looking for something to do this weekend? Want to give back to the community in a seemingly small effortless way? Are you an education student looking for mentoring opportunities? Are you a creative student interested in lending your expertise to other young people who strive towards creativity for social good? If you’re interested in getting in touch with tomorrow’s leaders today, or willing to support Queensland’s brightest of bright sparks, come along this weekend to the Optiminds Challenge held at the University of Queensland… it’s simply the venue where this awesome event is being held just in case you were worried I had turned my back on the university for the real world.

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QUT Big Lift Launch Party

That’s right folks, we’re hosting our launch party, and we want to invite you!

After months of preparation, inundating lectures across the campuses, hosting bake sales, and sausage sizzles, and talking big about the QUT Big Lift, we are hosting our launch party tonight, with many local bands, Brisbane performers, all in all a line up full of surprises and excitement.

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Hit the lights, bass, sound… Let’s go!

Sweat races down the sides of my body. I’ve know this beat so well. What does the crowd look like? Will the mikes be on? Shit, I dropped my guitar pick. The back stage crew are calling our names; ‘hurry the f*** up, because the set times are behind schedule’. I can see the lights; now the crowd… let’s rock.


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‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.’ I’m almost certain that this quote has weaved its way through the social lattice before gently embracing my eardrums this morning. But this morning this quote appealed to me more than ever. 

Last week, I finally reached an age that seems closer to my mental age – 21. I often think my parents lied to me about my birth when I was young, or if this year is actually 2011 because I feel like I have been here before. I always knew turning 21 would take on a whole new meaning in life. I also knew that this year would also send me bankrupt as a lot of my friends are also turning 21. So I took the liberty in avoiding their birthdays on the premise that I was saving for my own seven week celebration overseas. It was the best seven weeks of my life.

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2011 awaits, but I must bid farewell to 2010

First and foremost, thank you for all the support I have received for my blogs this year. While I could proceed with a Grammy/Academy Award type speech, I promise you I will not.

With only a handful of days left of the 2010 calendar left, I am so excited to see the end of this year. This has been a great year, but I believe 2011 awaits so much more.

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