Drama VS. Acting – Battle of the BFAs

When people ask me what I’m studying, they’re often confused when my response is ‘drama’. Common questions include, “is that like acting?” and “how are you going to make money from that?”

And while I may not necessarily have an answer to the latter just yet, the former receives a simple response: Nope. Read more

New Uni, New You – Starting In Semester 2

Are you starting uni at QUT in semester 2? Is this your first foray into tertiary education?

GREAT!!! Welcome aboard, friends! Your time at QUT is going to be wonderful/challenging/fabulous/stressful/rewarding/confusing/worthwhile!

Going to uni for the first time might make you a little nervous, but don’t worry, because your friendly neighbourhood student blogger is here to encourage you as you prepare to enter the real world – QUT. Couldn’t resist making that joke. Sorry. Read more

Habits of Mindlessness…

Bad habits. We all have them, but mine seem to be a tad excessive – and they seem to have grown in number throughout my time at uni. Particularly when I stay up late watching YouTube videos of bad talent show auditions… and I just know I’ll regret the next morning… Read more