Campus Culture Fix #2 – Music & Dance!

If you’ve not yet taken the chance to look ahead at QUT’s calendar, let me tell you: you’re in for some serious culture this semester!

We all have our own tastes and passions when it comes to music, dance and art. QUT’s undergradute arts programs are designed to allow students the ultimate freedom in style and creativity, so there’s something for everyone when QUT performers take the stage. Here are some opportunities for you to catch some local talent soon: Read more

QUT Open Day = Stress-free!

I avoided TSXPO and Open Days for years, trying to calm my nerves by ignoring my impending graduation (makes sense, I know).


Me dodging responsibility circa 2011

Finally in my senior year, I cracked and headed to the QUT Open Day. I wish I’d done it sooner! My visit to QUT gave me the opportunity to chat with important people from the faculties I was interested in, and gather information at my own pace while still enjoying the day with friends. 110% Stress Free!

Here are my top three reasons QUT’s Open Day will be stress-free for you:

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Minimalism: My ‘New Semester Resolution’

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Right? Just put those clothes away, put your pens and paper back in the drawer and hey presto! Functional student workspace, right? Until your clothes actually prevent you from closing your wardrobe, or you can’t shut your desk drawers due to an ungodly paper jam.

Perhaps you haven’t experienced these exact situations, but we all know what a drag it is to clean up – especially if you’re cleaning up in order to work. I stumbled upon some minimalist living blogs earlier this year, and they’ve changed my outlook in a great way.

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Campus Culture Fix #1 – Theatre!

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in the business side of uni – reading, writing, drafting, submitting…if you need a quick escape from the routine on-campus, try a hit of theatre!

QUT’s Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point campuses always has something to offer theatrically. Mnemonic is currently playing at The Loft in Z Block, and I had a quick chat to Sound & Vision Assistant Rose Carbon about it.


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I.D.A.H., Queer Spaces and the Ally Network

Hey folks!

While the newly released Federal Budget is on everyone’s minds right now, it’s important to remember the other political struggles we face every day. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are tirelessly fighting for Marriage Equality and equal legal representation for LGBTIQ citizens. QUT is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all staff and students.

The International Day Against Homophobia (I.D.A.H. or I.D.A.Ho) falls on May 17th, and is a great opportunity to join with other Australians, whether LGBTIQ or allies, and support the cause for equal rights. Loud and proud marches and rallies are commonplace – one will be held at 1pm this Saturday 17th May at Queen’s Park in the city, organised by Equal Love Brisbane.

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