The final countdown…

…you’ve got the song stuck in your head now, haven’t you? Oops. Sorry! It’s been stuck in my head all week, and for a good reason.

I’m about to submit my last assignment for my BFA.

Oh, what a glorious yet bittersweet feeling!

It’s been almost four years since my high school graduation and the more I think about it, the more I realise that what I’m feeling now is exactly what I was feeling back then. There’s a sense of joy mixed with a tingling of uncertainty. An air of trepidation with a dash of elated screaming thrown in.

I’m so excited to be wrapping up this chapter of my education. If you’re about to graduate from year 12, you might be feeling the same way. You might be reminiscing on the years gone by, feeling nostalgic for the memories and experiences you’ve had in high school.

With the help of Facebook, I’ve been looking back on my uni years, and as I finish my BFA – Drama, these are the things I’m going to miss most.


Second year, 2014, excited about a student theatre production I was in at the time. I loved every minute of it.

  1. The challenge. Each and every practical tutorial or workshop pushed me in one way or another, and at the end of my degree, I’m a stronger artist – and person – for having stuck it out and experienced it all.
  2. The camaraderie. In my first drama workshop group, I found my first friends at uni. We hastily threw together ideas and workshopped them as best we could, while singing Disney songs, laughing loudly outside the drama studios, and eventually, finding our feet. Oh, and there was a horse head mask. I’m not sure why…*
  3. The end product. Whether it was a single assessment or a full-scale production, each semester proved to be an incredible opportunity to create art that meant something. I was always so proud of what we had managed to make in such tight guidelines – even if I reflect on it now and want to change every line and every movement!

Thanks to Facebook for reminding me of this gem! First year studying drama = shenanigans. That’s me in the horse mask. We definitely should have rehearsed a bit more… and rotated the camera angle. And no, you’re not going to see the video anytime soon 😛

Though I’m ready to feel the sweet relief of an assessment-free Summer break, I’m definitely going to miss the BFA. It wasn’t easy, but I had so much fun and I made some incredible friends along the way.

If you’re graduating soon, I wish you all the best, and I hope your future at uni gives you everything you could ever dream of! Good luck!

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