So Many Options!

As I come closer to finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I’m starting to think about my options post-graduation. Though catching up on missed sleep seems like a solid plan (to make up for all of those questionable all-nighters), I’ve come to realise that I need to think ahead.

I need to think about my career, and my future.

QUT’s emphasis on practical learning means that I feel confident enough to take everything I have learned in my BFA – Drama and put it to good use. But there are also other options to consider, and some of them would have me sticking around uni just a little bit longer.


That end of semester planning, though… (Full disclosure – I am NOT a visual artist…)

I could choose to enroll in a short course or professional development offering here at QUT. Since I’m already in the Creative Industries faculty, it makes sense that I would consider one of the creative, design and performance courses. There are a couple that seem interesting, but I’m currently considering ‘Social media marketing tools for your business‘. After all, promotion and marketing are key components of the arts industry – I much prefer performing to an audience rather than an empty room! These courses are very short – a few days to a week, typically – so you can get a wealth of knowledge with minimal disruption to your normal working schedule. This is definitely a bonus!

Alternatively, I could choose to apply for postgraduate study. Given QUT’s close ties to the industry and its notable alumni, it would again make sense for me to complete a Masters degree here. (Also, I could keep my student number and email – so efficient!)

The Master of Arts is intriguing, and would definitely fit in with my professional practice and career goals. It’s a research degree, though, and after studying for so many years, I’m unsure if I’m ready to jump back into full-time study and cope with the demands of writing a thesis.

That’s where the Master of Fine Arts is particularly interesting, as it is involves a creative project in addition to a written component. Research is definitely an important part of this degree, but this course would allow me to potentially work on a piece of theatre whilst also completing research relevant to my practice. Tempting…

I could choose to do either of these degrees in a full time or part time study load. Of course, I could also venture out into another faculty and perhaps get some experience in business or marketing… the options are endless.

Obviously, I have a lot to think about, but it’s comforting to know that all the information I need is either online or just one email away. If you’re considering undertaking postgraduate study at QUT, what are your thoughts? I want to hear from you!

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