Education. It’s not just for schools… it’s for life!

I haven’t yet decided whether I enjoy the idea of working in a classroom with the same students every day, for four terms, or two semesters or an ENTIRE year for the rest of my life just yet.  It feels like such a controversial thing to say!!  Unless you’re at a family BBQ and your second cousin is telling you how much she hates her kids when they do certain things, there’s a general rule that everyone should like (or possibly even love) kids.  What if I absolute detest my year 3 class?  What if my primal instincts kick in and I want to scream, yell and jump up and down like a chimpanzee trying to scare away a leopard?

During my recent crisis of career and conscience, I visited my favourite doctor – Dr. Google – who funnily enough offered me over 416,000 options and solutions.  Somehow, I stumbled across a particular website that listed the incredible number of career options available to post-grad teachers.  I was amazed.  Like every other capitalist in the world, I researched salary standards, available jobs after graduation, and even travel opportunities.  I think I fell in love with my degree again.

The common perception, especially in my circle of family and friends, is that when you graduate your education degree, you will stop wearing nice clothes, get a cat, and play out the rest of your life using laminators and whiteboards.  NOT TRUE.  Teaching is one of the most undervalued professions in the world, but an education degree is the most misunderstood.

An education degree opens you up to a huge world of career opportunities.  If teaching in a classroom is what you want, then you will gain more insight on how to do that effectively than you can imagine.  However, if like me the classroom isn’t what you’re after, visit my doctor and see what she says.  An education degree is not just for classrooms, it’s for life.

Its for LIFE

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    L taylor

    Thinking outside the box … This write up just opened up a whole new world to anyone who reads it… Yay there really is inspiration still left in this crazy world ! Thanks !! 🙂

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