How to choose your degree

If you are finishing grade 12 you are probably thinking about what you are going to do next.

Working hard on my writing skills at the GP Library.

Working hard on my writing skills at the GP Library.

My choice to study Public Relations (PR) has a quite nonchalant, and at the same time, very serious story behind it. Just a few days before QTAC, I wrote down degree options on four pieces of paper and pulled one up.

My heart didn’t line up with that option, so I decided to do some research and started reading about Business major options at QUT. Nonetheless, I totally relied on my intuition and applied to study PR. When I came to an introductory class, the first thing I heard was “writing is the most crucial skill you need for this degree” while my writing skills were ‘C-minus if you are lucky’.

Despite my lack of writing talent, I didn’t drop out and I pushed through. If you like something but lack skills in it, it doesn’t mean you need to replace it with something you are naturally good at already. Since my childhood everyone around me was giving one piece of advice – to find what I am good at and make it my profession. Well, I was good at maths, but I would absolutely hate my degree if it had maths in it all the time.

We often use word ‘can’t’, when we really mean ‘I don’t want to work hard to achieve it’. If I am not great at writing today, it doesn’t mean it will be like this forever. I am still not even half way towards perfection, but did it stop me from applying for a job to write blog posts? Ha, not at all. Same goes for everyone.

Choose something YOU LIKE, not just something you think you are good at, otherwise, you will get bored too soon.

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    Hi! I’m a Grade 11 student wondering what to do. At the moment I’m thinking about a double degree in law and science.
    Would there be any way that I could email a current student studying law and science and ask them a few questions?

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      Hi Becky,

      We encourage you to contact the faculties of the double degree, to see if they can help with any questions specific to the course you’re interested in studying.

      Science and Engineering contact:
      Law and Justice contact:

      We hope this helps!

      Kind regards,
      The QUT Social Media Team

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