The ghost of Molly Woodward…

When you become a drama student at QUT, you’ll soon become acquainted with the ghost of Molly Woodward.


Molly Woodward, photo from QUT Woodward Theatre’s Facebook page.

A well-loved teacher and leader in drama, back in the day when QUT was a teacher’s college, Molly Woodward passed away in 1979 and left behind a rich legacy of creativity and inspiration. She was so loved that the theatre in L-Block was named in her honour – The Woodward Theatre.


Woodward Theatre plaque – Photo from QUT Woodward Theatre Facebook page.

Though the new creative industries building has just opened, any past drama student can recall their spooky moments where good old Molly was present.

If there was a random technical fault that plunged the theatre in darkness, it was Molly.

If you were sitting in the Woodward for a lecture and the mouse on the screen had a mind of its own, it was Molly.

If you were rehearsing late at night and you heard a door slam – even if it was closed to begin with, it was Molly.

Much like the theory of Brecht, the presence of Molly Woodward is an iconic drama student experience. But if you don’t believe me, then read the poem below that was definitely not written by me.


as you walk into lectures
and find yourself a seat
upon the red, narrow rows
with nary a spot for your feet

you will find yourself among
a sacred spirit, a ghost
the one they call ‘Molly’
is the presence you’ll feel most

in L-Block she roamed
from room 207 to 226
and as the lights flickered
you knew she was up to her old tricks

if you were rehearsing your assessment
you did so in daylight, and never alone
for in the nighttime, Molly critiqued your work
if it wasn’t right, she’d make it known

with every gust of wind
and every echo in the hall
you’d hope it was just a lecturer
and not Molly’s spooky, creepy call

be careful of the lighting rig;
watch out for certain death
if you want to appease the ghost
better not say the title of that Scottish play 😉

now, L-Block may have seen its end
but these stories are ours, not just mine
and if you’re wondering where Molly is now
you may find her in Z9…

So there you have it, folks! Is it a myth? We’ll never know. But take it from this drama student… you might want to watch your back. Embrace Molly’s spirit and you’re sure to find success. But if you don’t believe in it, well…

maybe you’ll be next…

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