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University is a playground for students of all interests, and QUT is no different. The wide variety of clubs and groups available to students mean that no matter what you’re interested in, you’re bound to find a club for you.

The QUT Guild oversees all clubs and groups, so you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is above board. You may have to pay a membership fee to join a club, but it’s usually only $2-$5 to join most clubs and that fee covers the cost of insurance while participating in club activities. Totally reasonable.

If you’re looking for a club to complement your study, head to The QUT Guild’s Club Faculty page – they have a list of all the clubs aligning with particular courses, and there’s plenty of them to go around! From Accounting to Chemistry, Fashion to Medical Engineering and more – you’re sure to find a club full of people with the same course load and interests as you.

With clubs such as the QUT Debating Society, Film Club or even the QUT Whovian Society for all the Doctor Who fans at QUT, your special interests are covered. Head over to The QUT Guild’s Hobby page for a full list.

There are way to many clubs to summarise in just one post, but you can find a full list and navigate your way through the various categories at The QUT Guild’s Club page.

And if you’re wondering if your club experience will be a positive one, or if you’re hesitant to join for whatever reason, I’m here to share my own personal club experience with you!

Rockin’ the club merchandise at Orientation Week! Free slushies are the best way to lure new members…

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) student, I joined Vena Cava Productions in first year. Vena Cava is QUT’s resident student theatre company. I didn’t get too involved, but I attended the odd social event and watched my friends get involved in various productions. It was the next year that I decided to jump in and get some hands-on experience.

In my second year, I was elected Company Ambassador. I helped out at events, I promoted the company wherever I could and I even found myself jumping into a lead role in their Mainhouse 1 Production in 2014.

Post-show selfie taken on stage after our Closing Night performance!

‘Brisbane (A Doing Word)’ written by David Burton, directed by Claire Christian
March 2013, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Vena Cava Productions

From there, I chose to go up for another Executive role in 2015, and was elected Front of House & Events Manager. I was responsible for social events and for managing Front of House at our productions. I was also responsible for working with the team to make the first ever Vena Cava Ball a success.

Though I’m taking a step back from the club in 2016 so I can finish my degree with ease, Vena Cava not only gave me a number of wonderful experiences, but it also opened up a wide range of opportunities for me to pursue outside uni. It is through these networks and connections that I managed to find employment in the theatre industry prior to graduation. And though I’m sure not all clubs will be as industry-focused as Vena Cava, I’m almost certain that if you take advantage of the club opportunities we have at QUT, you’ll find your own people and your own opportunities to kickstart your career – and have fun doing it.

Joining a club is another great way to enhance the uni experience, and it’s definitely worth it. You can find out more about Orientation and what’s happening on our website.

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    This is an awesome blog post 🙂 I’m actually coming from the UK to study Drama at QUT in July for my study abroad year! This has made me really excited about coming and getting involved in everything! Anyway, I was just wondering… Is there any advice that you could give me about the course? Thank you and I look forward to seeing your future blog posts 🙂

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      That’s wonderful! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time studying at QUT 🙂

      My best advice is just to completely embrace the subjects and the tasks. You might find some of them repetitive at first if you have a background in drama, but just hold on – there’s plenty of worthwhile experiences just around the corner! Also, there’s a whole heap of incredible theatre programmed for 2016 in Brisbane. Immerse yourself in these shows – they’ll be a wonderful asset to your studies as the QUT Drama staff often refer to current productions to help inform their teaching and your understanding. Student discounts are available, too! 🙂

      If you have any questions about anything in particular, just let me know! I’ll be more than happy to answer as best I can.

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