Drama VS. Acting – Battle of the BFAs

When people ask me what I’m studying, they’re often confused when my response is ‘drama’. Common questions include, “is that like acting?” and “how are you going to make money from that?”

And while I may not necessarily have an answer to the latter just yet, the former receives a simple response: Nope.

For those thespians out there who find themselves dreaming of a career to rival Meryl Streep’s, the Bachelor of Fine Arts – Acting degree will suit them best. An auditioned-entry course, students undertaking the Acting degree will find themselves partaking in rigorous acting training, with industry experts teaching them all there is to know about being an actor. And it truly is a course for the best of the best – only a handful of students are successful in gaining a place each year!

The Acting students often showcase their skills with performances throughout their course. These performances are open to the public, so if you’re considering applying for this degree, perhaps a trip to the theatre would be beneficial.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts – Drama, however, is a course specialising in numerous components of theatre and live performance, including (but not limited to): directing, performing skills, physical theatre, post-dramatic performance and more.

The drama degree is open to anyone, so long as you meet the OP requirement. That means that this degree is a little less competitive than the Acting degree.

One of my favourite things about the drama degree is being surrounded by passionate, creative people. A key component of our course is the Production units, where we each play an important part in making live theatre. Throughout the three years, the four Production subjects allow plenty of opportunity for each Drama student to showcase their skills, talents and interests. Participation isn’t limited to acting – there are plenty of opportunities for budding producers, directors, writers and more. I’ve met so many incredible people, and I’m excited for these friendships to grow into a wonderful network of great artists as we graduate from uni and enter the industry.

You may hear of a rivalry between the acting and drama students, but it’s mostly unfounded. There are many similarities between the two courses, and both stand on their own as highly valuable degrees.

No degree is better than the other – it’s YOUR experiences, YOUR skills, and YOUR desired outcome that will show which degree is best for YOU.

So if you’re dreaming of excellence as an actor and you know the stage is your calling, you might consider the Acting degree. But if you’re an all-rounder with a passion for theatre, no matter the role, perhaps the Drama degree is the one for you.

There are no wrong choices when it comes to studying an arts degree. Creativity knows no bounds! The Drama kids and Acting kids get along just fine unless we’re all desperately trying to book rehearsal rooms because that can be brutal for all involved.

If you’re considering adding either of these degrees to your QTAC preferences, you’re in good hands. And you’re sure to have the time of your life, no matter what.

Which Degree Is Best


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