Handling Group Assignments

Group assignments are, let’s face it, unavoidable. We all need to learn to work together, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. When it comes to cooperation, I’ve learnt the most valuable lessons from my best friends. That’s right. My cats. And I’m about to pass those puuurrls of wisdom along to you. So here’s how to (and how not to) handle group assignments, demonstrated by Sneaky Wiggums and Monkey.

  1. Find a common goal

Make sure you and your group members are on the same page. To get going, you both need to be looking in the same direction. Your eyes need to be on the same prize.

cat 1

  1. Commit to regular meetings

IN PERSON! Facebook is great for keeping track of progress, but meetings in person are a billion times more productive. Make sure the meeting times are reasonable, and commit to them!

collage 2

  1. Respect your group members

If you’ve met up to work on an assignment, then you should work on the assignment. Try not to get distracted by other things. Make the most of your time together, and appreciate each other’s efforts.

collage 3

  1. Handle disagreements maturely

Whenever you’re put in a situation with other people, there’s a chance you may disagree on things. You’re different people with different opinions and different learning styles. The best way to handle this is to acknowledge it, and calmly negotiate a solution.


  1. Listen to each other

Everyone wants to be heard, and by not hearing people out you may be missing out on some awesome ideas.


  1. Deal with stress appropriately

Some people tend to over stress, and some people take more of a relaxed approached when it comes to deadlines. Feed off each other’s energies and find a middle ground. Freaking out won’t help, and neither will being too blasé.

cat 2

  1. Support each other

You never know, someone might be struggling a lot with their work. Just letting your group member know that you’re all there to support each other could really help them.


  1. You could make some good friends

Getting through an assignment together is no mean feat. And you never know, an assignment could provide a great bonding experience that will blossom into a beautiful friendship.




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    Khaled Aly

    Great Sara , forming a successful team always goes through the main four stages , Forming ,storming , norming then performing and you got them all in such a lovely presentation.
    Well done

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