Planning for timetable registration

Class+registration+a+picture+showing+the+contrast+between+external+and_0ad209_4870934Here are 5 simple tips to start planning for timetable registration so you don’t miss out on your classes and aren’t rushing to pick one on the day.

The draft class timetable is now available. You can view it by going to QUT Virtual -> Study, then go down to “Preview class options for my enrolled units” under “Class registration and timetable”.


Tip 1 – Go through all of your units and get an idea of what times your classes start and finish. If you have classes between two campuses, i.e. Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point, then make sure you have enough time to travel between campuses. By looking ahead before registration day it allows you to plan alternatives and see if the QUT loop bus will get you there on time.

Tip 2 – By looking at your classes it also allows you to plan your work days and times around classes. Even though they may not be the official timetable release lists, it will give you a good idea ahead of time which will optimise your work availability. More money made can never be a bad thing!

Tip 3 – If you’re a new student, you can check out what block/room your classes are in. Looking early at your class lists means you can check out the QUT campus maps by clicking here, to avoid getting lost on the day and to help plan how to get from class to class if you have a really short break.


Tip 4 – Using all of this information, create a mock timetable using Word or Excel using the classes from the available timetables. This will give you an idea of what to pick on the day and allow you to plan work days and extra curricular activities such as sport around your timetable which you can also put into it.

Tip 5 – On registration day, have a copy of your timetable printed out next to you so you know the plan of attack. A good piece of advice is to enrol in the classes which you know will fill up fast first or in a class you can’t change out of due to clashes or other commitments (i.e. work). There is a chance class times/days might change once the final timetable is released. Don’t panic if this happens, just enrol where you can and then email your course coordinator/s if you need to change urgently and have a sound reason for the change.

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    This is great!! Perfect tips and spot-on memes!

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    Hi. I am applying for student exchange for July 2015, but the application is still in process.
    QUT told me that the virtual timetable was released since May 15th! (10 days ago)
    Does this mean I have no hope in enrolling online since most of the slots are taken up?
    How do I know if it’s full or not?
    Sorry for the bombardment, my home instituition never had this procedure.

    Thank you

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      Hi there Jaslyn,

      Please contact the QUT Study Abroad and Exchange Team at and they will be able to assist you.

      All the best,
      The QUT Social Media

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    Bushra Asghar

    I am applying in July 2017 for Masters in Public health. can I know what’s he current time table is for semester 1 as I’ll be managing two school going kids with my studies on my own.
    thank you

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    When I enrol how much time do you recommend that I leave between classes? Many of them seem to start right after the other and I don’t know if travel time within the campus is taken into account.

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