QCS: whatcha think about it?

QCS is fast approaching for this year’s seniors. I caught up with a real life grade twelve student, Gina, to hear what she had to say about the upcoming test.


Sara: You’ve done the QCS practice, was it what you expected?

Gina: I think so, yes. We were kind of bombarded with information about what it was going to be like. Some parts were a little easier and some parts were a little harder than I thought though.

Sara: When I did the practice test, I was pretty bummed out about how badly I did, were you bummed or unbummed? 

Gina: For the short response, I was a bit shocked. I was like “oh I didn’t do as well as I thought I might have.” For the others… it was okay. Because I hadn’t done many short response or multiple choice assessments I didn’t have much else to compare it to. So I think I did okay on those. Multiple choice and extended response were my strongest.

Sara: What was your favourite/ least favourite parts of it?

Gina: Short response was my least favourite. Probably because you have to keep changing what you’re writing about and how you’re thinking. One second you’re doing a maths question, the next your doing visual literacy, the next you’re analysing an English piece. Whereas multiple choice is pretty straight forward, just colour in a bubble, and extended response you just think about what you’re going to write and keep writing about it.

Sara: What was the topic of the writing task?

Gina: Things unknown.

Sara: On a scale of 1-10 how vague did you find it?

Gina: It was pretty alright compared to some of others we’ve seen. It’s pretty vague in a sense of “I have so many options wooow”. Out of 10 I’d say 4 for vagueness.


Sara: Vague can be good, that means you can write about basically whatever you want. What did you write about?

Gina: I wrote about the artistic journey and the way different forms of art can express things unknown between people and in cultures.

Sara: So how did you go about choosing what to write about? 

Gina: I didn’t have anything prepared before hand. It was just a case of choosing my strengths, and things I had done assessment on recently. I do a lot of arts subject, and I thought it would be a good idea to do an arts related piece rather than something like science. I could incorporate references about expressionism and film directors, painters, things like that. It was just about writing what I know.

Sara: What’s been the hardest thing about grade twelve in general?

Gina: Probably trying to balance everything. School work. Getting enough sleep, social life, exercise. Just trying to balance the different aspects of my life to try and survive.

Sara: What’s your proudest achievement? 

Gina: Probably tying for the top of English, just because I didn’t think it was something I could do. I never really thought about it being a possibility.

Sara: Will I see you studying at QUT next year?

Gina: If things go as planned, yes. Hopefully I’ll be studying drama or acting.


Gina thoughtfully looking into the distance towards her future…

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