Minimalism: My ‘New Semester Resolution’

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Right? Just put those clothes away, put your pens and paper back in the drawer and hey presto! Functional student workspace, right? Until your clothes actually prevent you from closing your wardrobe, or you can’t shut your desk drawers due to an ungodly paper jam.

Perhaps you haven’t experienced these exact situations, but we all know what a drag it is to clean up – especially if you’re cleaning up in order to work. I stumbled upon some minimalist living blogs earlier this year, and they’ve changed my outlook in a great way.

Assignment feels

Assignment feels

I looked around at my room at the start of the year and decided it was time for a change. I aimed to minimise my potential mess, to have more time and space to work with.  It was my first ‘New Semester Resolution’ to become a minimalist.

[PS: I can hear you laughing, thinking: “A new semester resolution? What a nerd!” I will happily plead guilty to all charges of nerdiness!]

So, flashback to January this year, when I decided it was time to go full minimalist. Seeking inspiration from Minimalist Student and mnmlist, I donated half my wardrobe to charity, handed down a metric BUTTLOAD of old toys and knick-knacks to my cousins, and decided on a place for everything in my room.

The minimalism

The mess

Yet…the mess reappeared!  Despite my efforts, it appears I still haven’t killed the messiness bug. What I’ve taken away from this is that the changes we wish to make for ourselves are often journeys. I feel silly for thinking I could change my life in just 6 months – but I’m glad with the progress I’ve made.

What journey or change might you consider to improve yourself over the next semester?


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