Choosing The Right Course

When I was first considering coming to university, I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it. There was always the possibility that I’d start my life at university only to end up hating it. Luckily for me, I’ve loved almost every second of what I’m studying and have absolutely no regrets about being at QUT. But if you’re concerned about whether or not you’re going to enjoy what you end up studying at university, I have three tips that really helped to shape my own decisions about coming to QUT and I wanted to share them with all of you.

  • Plan ahead. While you don’t actually have to know where it is you want to go in life, a little planning ahead always helps. Come up with a list of fields you’re interested in. The good thing about plans is that they can change, but what matters is that you’ll have plenty of options available to you so that you won’t end up feeling stuck later on.
  • Do some research. On top of all the other work you have to do, even more research doesn’t sound appealing at all, but getting to know all of the courses that university has to offer is really important. That way you’re making an informed choice about what you’re going to be studying. Take advantage of the handy Match My Skills Quiz since it might just give you a push in the right direction. Don’t forget that if you want to talk to people about what you can expect from university, you’ll have the QUT Open Day and TSXPO to look forward to. From my own experience, both of them are extremely helpful when it comes to figuring out what you’re in for.
  • Study something that YOU want to do. Not something that your friend wants to do (unless you and your friend both genuinely want to study the same thing). I know that sticking with your friends might sound like it would make life at university a lot easier, but if you do something that your friend enjoys and you don’t, it’s going to make university a lot harder on yourself. Choose a course that you’re actually interested in studying because you’ll be studying something you enjoy and you can still keep in contact with all of your high school friends, as well as meet new pals at uni. It’s a win-win situation!

University doesn’t have to be something to worry about. Once you find the right course for you, chances are, you’ll love doing it. And if not, don’t feel like you have to stay for your whole course. You can always choose another course that might be right for you, take a break from it all or quite simply make your own pathway in life. As Walt Disney once said, “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

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    Great advice Melissa! There are also free one-on-one career sessions available from QUT Careers and Employment for students to talk through course decisions –

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