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Across many social media sites I have seen a ton of posts about people receiving university offers into a wide range of courses. If you are one of these people, congratulations, and welcome to QUT! Whether you’re fresh out of high school, someone who’s taken a gap year, or a mature aged student – the biggest piece of advice I can give my new fellow students is to get ready to get in early.You’ve been given and accepted your offer, but there’s still more to do. I suggest getting as much of your enrolment done as soon as you can, as class registration is at the end of this month. Try becoming familiar with QUT Virtual and your personal student page, in particular, the ‘Profile’ and ‘Study’ tabs. This is where you’ll be able to view what steps you need to complete before you register for classes.

Some students (like myself) will have a recommended course structure, basically telling you the order in which you need to do certain units. People in my course deviated away from the set outline, and first year students ended up in third year classes. I strongly recommend you follow a course outline if you have one, as it will make things easier and simpler later on.

However, if you find your course offers more options, and gives you more of a choice, be sure to read through each unit before making a decision. The title of the unit is not enough to know whether you should do it or not, plus sometimes you’ll need to do another class (a prerequisite) before undertaking certain units.

Once you’ve decided on your units and enrolled in them, it’s a good idea to check out what times and days are available for each class. Work out early what days suit you best, and have back up options just in case you don’t get your first choice on the day of class registration. You can check out class registration dates and times here.

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    Hello Amy,
    That’s good advice, thanks! I enrolled for Masters in IT (Security) for sem 2 [2014] and I would like to know when does the course registration open up.
    I’m excited about the whole “going back to uni” in a new country and currently waiting for my VISA, fingers crossed!

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