20 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

University is great. We can all generally agree that we enjoy the fewer contact hours compared to school and we love having Burritos and Boost at our doorstep. But do you feel like you have done everything there is to do whilst at uni? If you were going to graduate tomorrow, would you feel satisfied with your university experience?

I have combined lists from all throughout the internet and consulted in fellow uni-students to compile a short Uni Student Bucket List for your enjoyment and procrastination purposes.

  1. Actually talk to one of the people with flyers out the front of Garden’s Point
  2. Wear pyjamas to uni
  3. Be on campus at night; it really is beautiful
  4. Buy your day’s food supply at the lolly shop
  5. go to a random lecture that you aren’t enrolled in.
  6. answer a question in a lecture
  7. have a nap on campus
  8. picnic in the Botanical Gardens in-between classes
  9. talk to someone in the queue for Assignment Minder
  10. take a road trip
  11. pull an all-nighter.
  12. get pizza delivered to uni for a tutorial
  13. go to the annual toga party
  14. do karaoke
  15. successfully deploy a cheesy pick-up line
  16. see a uni band perform OR see a uni drama performance
  17. convince a stranger that you were a minor character in a movie
  18. attend a ball
  19. start a collection of something; cacti, hats, scarves
  20. join a club or society; the more random the better!

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    you forgot uni games. probably one of the best university experiences!

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      Angelo Roise

      Yes I agree with you. Uni games that would perfectly fit your skills. Nevertheless, this would give you fun and excitement. I’ve been into this scenarios before and it is way too cool!

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    Kylie banu

    Wow, sounds fun to be at University and to experience that life. I wouldn’t mind living there while I study next year it would be awsome to make new friends and hang out with them and experience many different things. đŸ™‚

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      Uni really is the greatest time, and opens doors to so many opportunities, hopefully we will see you at QUT!

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    I wish I never had to graduate!

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    Daniel Kenward

    you QUT guys are funny.
    Firstly, I am not gonna deploy a pick up line, i’m already taken. secondly, PAJAMAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FFFFFFFinally… TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow. I simply can’t wait until I proceed to University. Thanks Amelia for your kind advice! đŸ˜›
    I’m currently in Secondary High School, And as I finish High School, I wish to do at least 10 of the things you have listed there as I hope to get into QUT! đŸ˜€
    Thanks Amelia! đŸ™‚

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