Top 5 Budget Student Snackalage

We’ve all been there.

It’s a day until pay day (but it feels like a thousand years), you’re trying to save favours from the parental units for a real disaster, and your stomach is making more screechy grumbly noises than Chewbacca.

I don't care what science says- this is what my stomach looks like.

I’ve been there nearly three years now. I know my cheap good food. Read on for my top 5 mini-poor-student-meals on a budget of 35 cents to $10!

5. Tea-Leaf Egg

Price: $0.80 at the Shanghai Noodle House in the Myer Centre (near the underground Queen street bus stops)

Everybody should try these things once in their life. It’s basically an egg, that’s been cracked and boiled in tea leaves. Salty, delicious and surprisingly energy-giving. A definite must for when you’re burnt out from the final weeks of semester.

4. Soft serve and salty fries

Price: Small McDonalds Fries- $1.00 + Soft-Serve Cone- $0.35

Total Price: $1.35

Dude, no. I hear the unenlightened amongst you groan. And you’re right- by all laws of science and man this should be a disgusting combination. But it isn’t. When you dip that first super salty hot fry into that deliciously sweet and cold ice-cream- you will understand. If this isn’t the food of the student gods then I don’t know what is.

Cheapskate Tip: Anything on the McDonalds spare change menu is pretty damn value for money. But make sure to order extra pickles- they cost nothing and they make it a little more delicious.

3. Vietnamese Pork Roll

Price: $4.00 at the Bakery at the Kelvin Grove Urban Village (next to Kebab O’Clock)

Oh my god, I don’t know how I survived without these until this bakery opened. Vastly superior to your average Subway mush, the Vietnamese pork roll is pork served on crusty white bread, slathered with some sort of super butter (I don’t even like butter usually but this stuff- damn), stuffed with carrots and coriander.

Cheapskate Tip: Only ask for loads of chili if you have a mouth of steel. I learnt that the hard way.

2. Subway Triple Cookie Deal

Price: $2.50 for three cookies at Subway

I’m pretty sure everybody in the world has (or should have) tried these by now. The chocolate macadamia cookies are literally the most satisfying form sugar can take. Melt in your mouth dough at affordable costs. Give your assignments a nice sugar veneer of energy.

1. Govinda’s ‘Feast’ Meal

Price: $10.00 with a student card ($12.50 without) at Govinda’s Restaurant on Elizabeth Street

Brisbane is divided into two sorts of people: the ones who love Govinda’s, and the ones who haven’t been there yet. For a measly ten dollars you get all you can eat of the most delicious (and disturbingly healthy) Hare Krishna cuisine available in our fine city. The standard menu comes with curry, rice, vegetables, kofta balls, desert and a drink.

I know it all looks kid of weird and gross- but oh my god. It is so good. Trust me. And the endless refills don’t hurt either. If you’re really starving- this is your place.

Do you know any sweet cheap eats out and about? Do you have a special snackalage you’ve concocted yourself? Hit me with a comment- I always want to know more about my eating opportunities!

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  1. avatar

    Quite proudly, I have tapped all these resources during my undergrad days. Great post Leyla!

    • avatar

      Haha thanks Matt 🙂

  2. avatar

    Charm sushi on Albert St next to Guzman y Gomez offers sushi rolls from $2 and has a buy 3 get 1 free deal; split it with a friend and get 2 sushi rolls for lunch for $3, bargain!

    • avatar

      Oooooh. I will break away from top sushi and try that! Thanks Colin!

  3. avatar

    Danny boys (quit kg) does a sandwich + soup + freshly baked bread for $10. I couldn’t have survived without it some days. Super filling and delicious on those cold winter days.

    • avatar

      Okay. Oh. My. God.

      I went to Danny Boys. HOW DID I NEVER GO THERE BEFORE??? Thank you for an amazing culinary experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and stomach Molly.

  4. avatar

    I can verify that fries (and any other potato based food) works well with ice-cream.

    • avatar

      Fry five. (geddit? geddit? Like a high five- but with fries. I surpass myself sometimes)

  5. avatar

    Student staples for sure! How could we survive without them?

    • avatar

      You could live on mi goreng and water? But you would be like the student version of Gollum.

  6. avatar
    Brendan Foley

    Damn, that pork roll doesn’t look bad for $4, neither does Govinda’s!

    • avatar

      Go to govindas. Your life will change for the better.

  7. avatar
    studia Poznań

    Wow, I never heard about eggs boiled in tea leaf! I need to try it! Maybe it will taste well! The rest of your propositions is normal I think.

    • avatar

      Thanks man- tea leaf eggs are pretty new to me too. But holy crap they are tasty 🙂

  8. avatar

    I remembered my college days when I saw your blog post! I used to drink a tea and eat cheap biscuits when I couldn’t afford to buy food at the end of the month!

    • avatar

      Glad to have brought back good (?) memories 🙂

  9. avatar
    szkolenia menadżerskie

    I love food from mc donalds 😉 !!!

    • avatar

      I used to work there as a teenager so I feel like I should scorn it or something. But nah- too damn delicious. 🙂

  10. avatar

    if u have a partner that works in a restaurant get them to bring stuff home. Works great for me when i am strapped for cash

    • avatar

      That is my plan from now on. Whenever there’s a prospect- that’ll be top criteria- right after a comprehensive Battlestar Galactica knowledge test.

  11. avatar

    The lunch deals at Jackpot (somewhere along George Street if I can remember correctly) are less than $10 and there’s a pretty decent selection of chinese food. I’d highly recommend it!

  12. avatar

    Great post, will try that.

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