Week One Lectures: Why did I bother? Feat. Catme

Think back to those sweet memories of your perfect summer holiday; those trips to the beach; your unforgettable overseas adventures; the impossible weekday benders; the four months of time to do whatever hell you wanted… And quietly come to the realisation that those days are now over. Ha ha hah.

Sorry for being a sadist and a big hello to everyone! We’re back! I really hope you all had a fantastic break. I spent, but four weeks of my entire holiday, working in the office Monday to Friday; 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. It was actually enjoyable for the most part (and, let me tell you, the moola was great), but doing the same thing every day was draining. So… I’m actually excited to be back for my second year of uni. Can you smell the crazy?

I truly believe working full-time has given me superhuman-willpower which will allow me to actually follow my assignments and study plan this semester (join me as I laugh at my own false sense of security). Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to getting stuck into study.

I am currently writing in one of my lectures and am mildly aware of the people watching me do so. I know it looks bad and they’re probably thinking, “It’s, like, one of the first lectures back. You should, like, really be listening. Like.” No idea why they have valley accents in my head, I guess that’s just how bored I really am. Blogging is probably the most productive thing I can do at the moment. We all know why I’m not paying attention; it’s week one lectures!

I’m not sure why I came knowing that I would most definitely be drowned in house-keeping dribble. I sat in a lecture this Monday morning in which ¾ of the time was spent going through the week one document i.e. who to contact, where to find them, assessment weightings, assignment minder, where things are on Blackboard… information we could all read in 10 minutes of our own time or would surely have been made known in o-week! I get why they’d probably have to run through it in first year core units but you’d think they wouldn’t so much in the following years.

On top of the lack of content, since there aren’t any tutorials; we’re all left with giant gaps between classes. I don’t know if I’m an idiot for turning up this week or just a diligent student. Probably a bit of both.

This lecture isn’t exactly riveting. We’ve spent a whole hour discussing that blasted CATME survey which groups you with “like-minded” people in your tutorial. Now I’m overthinking the answers I’ve submitted because I overthink everything and people make me nervous. Does anyone know if it is actually effective? I’m feeling sceptical about whether having the same hobbies makes people work better together. Maybe the bond of not playing any sport will inexplicably bring us closer to high distinctions.

We have 20 minutes left to go and we’re finally beginning to discuss the actual subject so that’s my cue to wrap this spontaneous post up. I really just wanted to say a big hey and here’s to another year of memorable uni experiences. Hope your week one lectures were a bit more fulfilling than mine!




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