Life Hack: QUT Edition

A ‘life hack’ is a tip, trick or hint that increases productivity and efficiency, and in my opinion, makes life that little bit more awesome.  It’s like a cheat code for life that enriches your experience.  Throughout my two years at uni, I’ve come across some cool things that other students might have no idea about.  So, I’ve decided to share a few tips and secrets to make your life easier at QUT.

One Card to Rule Them All…
Your student ID card is your key to catching the free inter-campus shuttle bus between Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.  Check QUT Virtual under the ‘QUT Life’ tab for the shuttle timetable.

Your ID card will also grant you access into rooms throughout QUT, such as 24 hour computer labs and other hidden study areas.  Without this card, you won’t be able to unlock the door and get inside, which has happened to me before. Awkward! You can check which buildings you have access to in Virtual under the ‘Personal Information’ tab and clicking ‘View my building and room access’ in the Computer Accounts and Physical Access section.

Plus, Translink officers on trains and buses will check for student ID if you have a concession Go Card.  If you don’t have your ID card on you, you might get a fine.

Have a Staff ID Card?
If you’re a student ambassador or have another paying job within QUT, you can use your staff ID card to get 5% off at the bookshop. Woohoo!

Free Stuff!
Forget buying stationery for your studies.  Orientation Week (held this week) and Market Week, held from 25th of February to 1st of March, are the opportune times to stock up on pens, a diary, wall-planner, stickie-notes, and other awesome freebies.  The guild also sets up a stall with pens, pencils, erasers and other goodies around exam time in case you forget something. Isn’t that thoughtful!

Every now and then there’ll be a van and promotions people outside either GP or KG  handing out free samples.  Last year I got in on free flavoured milk, Oreos, Red Bull, iced tea and more, so keep an eye out for them. Another spot for freebies in the city is Central Station, typically during the morning rush hour.

Free stuff tastes better than bought stuff. Nom nom!

Having trouble managing your time?
The QUT Library has a fantastic website that not many people know about called StudyWell.  It has all sorts of resources to help you throughout your studies, including tips on referencing, note taking and writing assignments. The assignment calculator is a really handy tool I use all the time, as it calculates how many days per task (researching, writing, editing etc) you need to commit in order to complete your assignment in a timely manner.

If you need a room to have a group meeting or study session, you can book a study space in the GP library, KG library, Caboolture or the Law Library (GP) online here. You’ll probably have to book a week or two in advance because spaces tend to fill up quickly.

Got time to kill at uni?
There’s a Gaming Lab in the KG Library free to use! Play against your friends in the latest games on the Wii, PS3 and XBox. You could even start a campaign in Mass Effect 3 if you’re feeling brave and have a particularly long break between classes. Simply pick up your controller of choice from the Learning and Research Desk staff and PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE ULTIMATE BATTLE.

Have a rage-quitting, controller-throwing good time with Portal! (Note: please don't actually throw your controller)

Know something awesome that you want to add to the list? Comment below!

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    Oz Akdeniz

    Hi Melissa,

    These are some great tips on how to make the most surviving uni. Thought I might offer something else to the list: The Booklist searches over 20 different online bookstores to find the best price on your textbooks. Pretty handy for most students.

    Check it out



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