* A lonesome bush silently tumbles past in the distance *

Well I actually am. After almost two months of wasting away in bed, I am finally ready to get me some quality education! The number one lesson I learnt from my first semester of university which I would like to share with you fine folk; Be ambitious, or you will sleep all damn day.

Being at uni for two days is like being able to eat your weight in McDonald’s everyday while bypassing all the negative health implications *** – REALLY GREAT. Of course, it’s only great if you can manage your time wisely.

Due to a glorious first semester schedule, I was under the perpetual illusion that I had all the time in the world. I spent most of my time sleeping and dabbling in all sorts of creative procrastination forms.

Thinking about it now, I can pin point six of my subconscious self-destructive study habits.  Most of my procrastination is genuinely unintentional. Maybe after reading these, you might remember next time to pull yourself together. But, let’s be honest, you probably won’t.

 ~Procrastinating With Neslea~

Heart In The Right Place:

You set out to start an assignment, with the purest and utmost holy intentions. After 4 hours of surfing the net, you have achieved a blank and minimised Word document.

Ban yourself from all your favourite recreational sites if you know what’s best for you! I’m sure you can download add-ons/software that actually block the sites for you but I like to settle for good old fashioned discipline.

If I don’t Eat Now, I’ll die:

“Oh, I’ll just take a food break… eating is mandatory. This isn’t procrastinating if I have to do it, anyway…”
* Eats at a snail rate and/or never returns to study *

Most of the time, you’re not even hungry. You’re just bored. It’s best to learn to tell the difference for the sake of your GPA and expanding waistline.

Multi-Tasking (You’re Doing It Wrong):

Go on the Internet to do research… with Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, deviantART etc. tabs open on the side, prolonging such simple tasks by 10 times the expected time.

Again, discipline! This is most likely also to blame for your pitiful sleeping pattern or lack of sleep, causing further aversion towards your 8am lecture when you thought you couldn’t possibly resent it any more.

I’ll Do it Tomorrow:

Self explanatory, and no you won’t.

Just As Bad:

“I’ll start studying at 6:00pm”
“I’ll start at 6:30pm”
“Okay, 30 minutes more and THAT IS IT, NESLEA”

…My life… what am I doing with it? 

I confess myself guilty of this student crime ten minutes ago. Proof reading isn’t a very exciting job. AND I COULD’VE BEEN DOING NOTHING, EARLIER, BY NOW.

Vague Recollection of Topic – GOOD ENOUGH:

Open textbooks and lecture slides to study and finish in record time… only because you skipped certain topics and weeks, convinced that you remembered them well enough not to revise.

In actuality, you just want to hurry through revision and be done with the wretched task. Then the academic gods reign down on you with all their unforgiving, fiery, examination power and throw in a question covering that very topic you just couldn’t be bothered going over during your studies.

When you’re in the moment, these little lapses in concentration don’t seem like much of a deal but BOY do they come round to hit, run, and leave you for dead, 12 weeks later.

What really helped me keep myself in check was making sure I saw the bigger picture and constantly reminded myself of why I was here; that I chose to be here, so I better get the most out of it.

I definitely feel being able to envision an end goal; be it short-term goals such as getting a certain GPA this semester, or long-term goals like looking towards finishing your degree and getting your desired job, really helps when mustering the impossible, seemingly non-existent, will to study.

And for those who know they can do better, yet settle with doing the bare minimum work to pass – come on, guys! Aspire to achieve greater! With an attitude like that, why bother with university at all? I get that “P’S GET DEGREES” but, in hindsight, where’s a degree with little knowledge or skills going to get you?  Think about it.

110%, my friends. All day, everyday, and in everything you do.
And hopefully you can hammer down on your own unhealthy study habits this semester, as I will be trying very hard to do so as well!


*** Being hungry = terrible analogies


P.S, I have a two-day timetable again i.e. I have to leave my BSB113 Economics lecture on Tuesdays a bit over midway and jump ship to Kelvin Grove. So if you see me, you should definitely throw something at me.
I dare you to upset the ever-so-tranquil learning environment.

Just kidding. Hope you’re enjoying your first week back! (ha ha)



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  1. Avatar

    I can definitely relate myself to this post!!!
    very well written Neslea! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot, Hemant! 😀

  2. Avatar

    haha totally relatable to all those posts! Particularly with the “I HAVE to eat” and doing it tomorrow xD Really got to get my study game on ! It’s only second week and I’m still in lazy mode =\

    • Avatar

      Ahh, so do I! I’m struggling to get back into a decent study pattern 🙁 Mentally, I am still very much on holiday, haha. Terrible.

  3. Avatar

    hahaha procrastinating as we speak. I can relate to all of them, but especially the ‘JUST AS BAD’ one haha nice nice :L

    • Avatar

      Haha, I probably do that one the most! I’m doing it right now with making dinner… I’ll give it ten more minutes before I get up 😛

  4. Avatar

    haha, and I thought the habits might break after Highschool. I think I’m really going to need to change my ways by the time uni comes around :3

  5. Avatar

    Good Work Nes. Nailed it.

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