Need an infusion of Enthusiasm and Ambition in your studies? I recommend a Power Song kind sir

If you were born anytime before 1994 Pokémon is in your bones.  No matter how hip, pretty, suave, intellectual, or athletic you’ve managed to become since, there will ALWAYS be a small part of you still journeying with Ash, Pikachu, Rock and Misty as they explore a seemingly endless collection of islands with one quest: to catch them all.

I’ve spent many a year now trying to deny my once tepid love affair with Pokémon. I scorned those that still bought the latest repackaging of the same decade old Gameboy game.  The Pokémon monsters added in later years felt hokey and hollow to me- nothing but a random collection of limbs, shapes and powers thrown at the wall with the hope that something would stick. Years later I heard that Ash had actually died and that Misty had deserted the ka-tet long before. I can’t say that I cared much- I was knee-deep in teenage angst and thought that serious stories, like Skins or Underbelly, were more important and truthful.

And anyway who is this chick?

Then one day, years later in the middle of a terrifically boring lecture, a tune popped into my head. It was one of those brain reflux things – you know, when your mind suddenly lights up a face not seen in years or dredges up a certain smell you thought lost in cold storage. Anyway, the most I could remember of this song was one line – “I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was”. That’s all. I kept on humming it to myself hoping I could follow it further down the rabbit hole but…nothing. The lecture continued being boring and I forgot about it.

Weeks later we had to write our major assessment for the boring lecture unit. Needless to say I hadn’t started until about two nights before. As I was sitting there, cursing all academics to a slow and painful death, the song returned. This time I sang it quite loudly (being alone in my room at 2am in the morning and pretty desperate) and suddenly the real lyrics began to tumble out of my mouth. If this has ever happened to you, you know it’s one of the most excellent feelings in the world. It’s like a tapestry is being unfurled in some dusty corner of your mind and you’re seeing all the bright colours and textures anew, but with the joy of perfect recognition at the same time.

The best part came next though. My assignment, which had seemed like a dusty, unwieldy monster sent to destroy my mind just a moment before, suddenly looked like nothing more than a path I could walk to shine. Singing my new favourite song at a pitch that would make Aretha Franklin jealous, I finished a 3,000 word ham of an essay in the next ten hours without a single nervous breakdown.  

When I think about it now, months later with a very shiny High Distinction Minus in my grubby little hand, the power song makes perfect sense. Ancient armies used battle cries for years. They ramp you up, make you Hulk out and focus all your brains and energy on the army/assignment you have to defeat instead of all the thousand other things that would distract you.

My power song is the Pokémon Theme- what’s yours?

(Chill out brussell sprout- here are some suggestions if you have no idea where to start)

#1- The original Power Song

#2- Can’t go past attempting to rap in your power song. Especially when the title is super appropriate

#3- Songs from the 50s and 60s in general are just great kicks for me. They have a solid beat, they don’t have autotune and they have weird subject matters- what more could you want?

#4 Almost any song from any musical EVER. Even if you usually hate musicals your power song can be the exception that proves the rule. Boss.

# 5 Songs from your childhood. Nostalgia makes a mean power song.

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    cool movies, thanks for sharing.

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      No problemo bro

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    Chill out brussel sprout… my power song is definitely from the musical category! Actually, it could be any song from any musical, but I particularly like Dancing Through Life from Wicked. Also, I feel powerful when singing along to anything Adele 😛

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      I think everybody’s song is secretly from the musical category. Except for this one guy on my bus who always sings Gwen Stefani’s “If I was a Rich Girl” under his breath when he studies.

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