On Monday. (Bright Shirts and Bleary Eyes)

So Josh (bf) and I went out and had a bit of a bender on the weekend. I haven’t been out in ages – I think it’s something to do with the cold weather, having nothing to wear, my old age (25 now!!!) and the fact that I have such a difficult time convincing myself that it really is worth spending a fortnight’s pay on evening activities. After two all-nighters, close to $1,000 down the drain and some legitimate attempts at shufflin’ (as in everyday I’m shufflin’) I am proud to say that YES – I can definitely see the value of a once-in-a-while valley stumble. (Not that I condone binge drinking, of course.) In between sleeping and hitting the clubs, we also managed to get through the entire first season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD. And I like it even better than The Sopranos.

MY PROBLEM, however, arose when I got to uni Monday morning.

On Monday, I was in the library hanging out with Mark and Mel, when my attention span just dried up altogether and I wanted to go for a milkshake. I had no cash and needed an ATM stat. I started walking toward C block, stopped dead in my tracks and literally hid behind the banisters of the A block staircase. In the blink of an eye, KG campus had been invaded by people in t-shirts. T-shirts that were much too colourful for my sensitive, Monday morning, bleary eyes. I whipped out my iPhone and got texting to warn my friends.  Mark, I am hiding at the a block stairs this place is crawling with flyer givers and bail uppers and student freaking politicians. Won’t make it to the ATM. I will buy your milkshake then it will be over $10 and I won’t need cash out. Hurry!

Mark came to the rescue and we got from A block to Beadles without making eye contact with any of them. Mel finished her library stuff and met us at Beadles, announcing that she needed to go to the ATM. I put my sunnies on and warned her, too. Be careful. There are people everywhere. I’m not sure she understood what I meant until she got close to the grassed area near B block.

Now, don’t assume I don’t care about who runs the student guild. Because I do. And I will be voting Activate because I like their goals and they have done a brilliant job so far and Isaac Cavanagh is running for president and he is a pretty cool guy. Epic have some cool ideas too, so don’t think I’m being all biased (even though I am). Whatever. Make up your own mind.

So later in the day we decide to sit in the sun, and I’m growing a little more adjusted to daylight, and I’ve eaten a muffin, and I’m feeling a bit less offended at shirt brightness because Beadles had a feedback form and I told them what I REALLY think. HOWEVER, it’s STILL Monday and I’ve had a massive weekend and I’m just not rested enough to deal appropriately with bright shirted politics. Hiding is no longer possible when you’re in a small group and a change of tactics is required.

Sorry, we’re having a D&M right now, I’ll take a flyer and have a look later. This is what Mark was SUPPOSED to say when we were approached by the brightly shirted people.

This is what he ACTUALLY said: So is Green like Labour and Blue like Liberal? When are the elections? What time? I think we need more food options. What’s your policy on this.…. and so on and so forth. I am suitably unimpressed.

The shirt people are passionate and enthusiastic and a little bit sunburned. They volunteer their time and energy and they are pretty good to chat to, they care about what students want. I try not to be rude. I figure that after 5 minutes of silence it will look pretty weird if I don’t say anything. I say something non-committal and reassure myself that having the flyers in my possession will grant me some kind of immunity. I shuffle the papers and wait it out. I probably learn something valuable.

So anyway, student elections are on again soon and it’s important to vote. I know there’s a very limited platform for Epic and Activate to get out and talk about what they do, and the guild is a really important part of university life (not just the bar). So I get it – campaigning is necessary and they want student support, participation and feedback. Makes perfect sense. But I’ve already decided on my vote, so for the next two weeks, I’m on the lookout for a safe zone. If you find one, let me know!

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    Oh dear lord! A safe zone is definitely warranted- somewhere we can be free from being harassed. A few friends and I were tempted to start our own group and run for election on the basis that we wouldn’t hassle people -_-

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      A grass roots movement – I like! 🙂

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    Darren Lorring

    I think it’s very inappropriate for this blog to endorse a political point of view. I’d be interested in hearing why Chrissie felt it necessary to say who she was voting for.

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      Pretty much because I can. Feel free to express yours if you wish!

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