The greatest career advice ever!

So I was reading this magazine that I so frequently read called, ‘Women’s Health,’ which some of you may or may not read and I came across a rather interesting and advising article about finding a career right for you. There have been many times where I’ve felt uncertain about whether or not I should continue my studies with psychology or whether I should study something else. I am very indecisive and constantly wonder whether I am on the right path with my life. I worry about making the wrong decisions in life and ending up stuck and unhappy in the future. I, like many other people have been interested in so many different fields of work so it was hard to make a commitment to just one area. The pressure was on mid Year 12 to decide and apply for university courses. Read more

Facebook Vs Tumblr

It seems like only yesterday when myspace was ruled the computers, today it’s facebook. Everyone has facebook. Even my grandad has it. It’s a way of getting in touch with old friends and stalking those people you’re curious about. It seems like most of my time is taken up by status updates and friend requests, event invitations and photos and last and definitely least; need numbers invitations.

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Making plans not to make plans

They say that admittance is the first step to recovery.  Well then, let me start by saying I’m suffering from a major case of “Post-Travel Depression”.  My PTD is so bad that whenever someone asks me what my six weeks abroad was like, my mind goes into a complete daydream of random Vienna flashbacks.  Pretty much all I can manage to communicate is a wimpy stutter that sounds something like ‘it was amazing’.

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Ready for another round?

I am truly excited about being back at uni. Ok some people will think I am completely nuts but it is the truth. Of course I’d prefer longer holidays but I can’t change the fact that the break between first and second semester is only about 4 weeks +/- one week (depending on the exams etc).

10 things I like about starting a new semester:

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‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.’ I’m almost certain that this quote has weaved its way through the social lattice before gently embracing my eardrums this morning. But this morning this quote appealed to me more than ever. 

Last week, I finally reached an age that seems closer to my mental age – 21. I often think my parents lied to me about my birth when I was young, or if this year is actually 2011 because I feel like I have been here before. I always knew turning 21 would take on a whole new meaning in life. I also knew that this year would also send me bankrupt as a lot of my friends are also turning 21. So I took the liberty in avoiding their birthdays on the premise that I was saving for my own seven week celebration overseas. It was the best seven weeks of my life.

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