Concerned about peoples work ethics/morals

What is considered good work ethic?  A dictionary definition describes it as a set of values based on moral virtues of hard work and diligence. I believe you can’t find one definition that fits all types as everybody has different moral virtues. For some people good work ethic might be arriving on time for work and others think fulfilling their duties and going beyond what was asked is considered good work ethic.

This is a precarious topic as everybody will have an opinion about it and I am not seeking to start an extensive discussion. I just need to vent a little as I have been in more than one situation I would consider as bad work ethic behaviour.

To get a better picture of the situation:

I am working in a café to support myself while studying. This place has lots of students working for them, which makes filling the roster difficult as it is, because everybody has uni as their first priority.  The past uni holidays have been really difficult because lots of them went on holidays.  New staff had to be hired. Not as easy as it sounds. We had a few people on trial shifts and some of them looked very promising – but be warned, that doesn’t mean anything.

I think from now on I just assume that people are unreliable so I won’t be disappointed in them.

It is not nice to arrive at work and learn that the new person didn’t show up and you have to work with one less staff for the rest of the day because it is impossible to find a replacement with short notice.

Another lovely story is having the parent call up to tell their kid is not coming to work anymore as the studies are more important from now on. The given reason is totally acceptable but getting the parent to make the call is that really necessary?

We do have a few people with two jobs working for us which shouldn’t be a problem as long they can juggle it. However it is not really good manners to call up two days after the roster has been published saying that you can’t commit to two jobs anymore because you have the possibility of picking up more hours at the other place.

Wouldn’t it be common sense to say to the place that offered you more hours that you have other commitments that you have to fulfill this week but you would be able to sort things out so can take them up on their offer…?

But my all-time favourite would have be the following little anecdote.  Shift began at 6.30am. Person is on time and starts work as per usual. Around 9ish the person excuses themselves and goes to the bathroom.  And that person was never seen again.

Because of that story I will have trust issues for the rest of my life. I won’t be able to believe people when they say they’ll be right back. And I can assure you nothing bad happened to the person as I saw her at the supermarket the other day.

Again, I am wondering why it would have been such a difficult thing to see out the shift and quit like a normal person would do if decided you don’t want to work there anymore??

As you can tell I am truly frustrated with the way people deal with certain things and I think you should have the guts to quit if you can’t stand working at your job anymore. What is wrong with peoples’ work ethics, morals, loyalty or whatever you want to call it!?

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    Wow, that’s so rude of that person to not come back after a so-called bathroom break. It’s insane! I really hope you can hire some hard-working people who won’t leave you high and dry.

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      Thanks Melissa. After submitting this bloq I was a tad worried that I am overreacting. It’s great to read that other people consider it as rude as well.

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