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So I was reading this magazine that I so frequently read called, ‘Women’s Health,’ which some of you may or may not read and I came across a rather interesting and advising article about finding a career right for you. There have been many times where I’ve felt uncertain about whether or not I should continue my studies with psychology or whether I should study something else. I am very indecisive and constantly wonder whether I am on the right path with my life. I worry about making the wrong decisions in life and ending up stuck and unhappy in the future. I, like many other people have been interested in so many different fields of work so it was hard to make a commitment to just one area. The pressure was on mid Year 12 to decide and apply for university courses. Psychology was one of my options, so I listed it as the first two preferences on QTAC. Since then and throughout my first year of studying it, I have had my doubts about it (until I read this article that is). It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying the course or getting good grades or not seeing myself as a future psychologist, it was just the thoughts of maybe I would be suited to something better.

Anyway, so this article was about Career Making Decisions. It basically said think of what you enjoyed doing as a child, where there were no outside influences and you just went along doing as you please, as happy as larry. As a child there were many things I loved, but I realized overall, I loved people and problem solving. I loved organising and hosting social events and interacting with people. Additionally, I loved to help people out in one way or another, or solve problems. I always was disheartened by my things like whaling, polluting, discrimination towards disabled people and anyone else. I wanted these things to change. People and research is a major part of Psychology and therefore I soon realised, this is what I’m destined to do. I do love it! Since then I haven’t had any doubts and am enjoying it even more!

So for you… You have loved fashion and dressing up in your mum’s clothes (Career…? Fashion? Shop Manager?), or playing outside in the sun (Career…? So many to choose from!), or being bossy and taking charge over your siblings (Career…? Your own business? Teacher? Manager?) or maybe even cooking (Career…? Chef?).

In high school I spent so long working through Career Models to identify which career I would be most suited to. That involved listing my strengths, weaknesses and interests and then identifying a career which would suit my capabilities by weighing up the positives and negatives of potential careers. It was such a long process which I was never happy with at the end of the day. This has advice has clarified my feelings towards studying psych and I feel so much more confident!

Let me know if the advice is universal, please!

Take care all!

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    Thank you very much for posting this.This is exactly how I feel at the moment,Just started studying my masters in Marketing and sometimes I think if I’m on the right track or not. I don’t even remember what I liked when I was a kid, but I like the subjects that I am studying now,maybe this is my interest.

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      That’s okay Omid! Yes, it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is right for you, when there are so many other choices!

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    Worried Mum

    I’m worried that my daughter is choosing a course that is totally unsuited to her ability and nature. I’ve tried discussing options with her but she’s not listening to anything I say at the moment. Do I just stand back and let her find out for herself?

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      Hi there,

      My mum was exactly like you are, worried that I would make the wrong decision. She always thought I would be an accountant or study economics or business. She was quiet shocked when I chose psychology as my first, second and third preferences on QTAC. But she is happier than ever now, as she has realized I have made the right decision as I’m really enjoying my study and already have future ambitions in the psychology field.

      But there are students who do enrol in a course and then change in the first six months or year to another course. Some people end up changing numerous times, until they find the course that is right for them. It is okay to change courses, plenty of people do it.

      This is an online quiz your daughter might like to try. It matches your skills with what course you would be most suited to.

      Additionally there are numerous events your daughter and yourself can attend during the September school holidays. Discover QUT is one of those events. There are seminars for parents, tours of the campuses, and sessions about courses on offer. For more information click here,

      I hope this helps.

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    I’m exactly feeling the same way as you did. I am studying in IT and later I was feeling more and more desired for design which I always wanted to do. I am glad you made right decision for your life.

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      Hi Cherry.

      Thank you. I am glad I did to. It can be so enduring trying to find the right course for you.

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    Since I can’t find any “getting into fights” or “just screwing around” courses; I think I’ll have to fall back on my 3rd and 4th greatest passions: building things, and breaking things. So it looks like engineering was the right choice.

    That’s some decent advice, Emma-Leigh

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    heey emma

    Thank yooouuu so much for posting this, I’m a 2012 high school graduate, and I just randomly thought of exploring QUT’s website ( as I am hoping to attend it). Our career advisor kept pressuring me to make a decision as i am running out of time, I am now confident in what to study because of.. you *this post* haha. Thank you again EL *hugs*

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    Hi, This sounds a lot like me too. Ever since I was a kid I knew that I wanted to be an animator and make films bringing my imaginations to life. But as I got older and was leaving high school my parents convinced me that I needed a stable and traditional career. I switched my major to marketing and then finally to architecture which i have been in school for the past two semesters. And I thought for sure that I wanted to do architecture because I knew I could do it and I would be able to feed a family one day. My uncle even got me a really good internship, but after a couple weeks of soul searching Ive decided to switch my major to animation and my parents are even backing me up. However, now im second guessing if i should switch because i can see my future wealthy as an architect and ive been in m internship for at least 8 months now and cant imagine breaking the news to them. My internship is probably the only thing keeping my from switching…what should I do?

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