Thread Swap.

The other day I stumbled upon one of the greatest concepts I have ever seen on the web. It’s literally an online clothes swapping event, but with the ability to browse through the clothes like you would on any online store. If you rummaged through my wardrobe (and your own) I’m sure you would find piles of old and relatively new clothing you no longer wear. Instead of letting it sit there or go into the trash, Thread Swap allows you to pass your old clothes on to somebody else and swap it for something different. It’s revolutionary in terms of online fashion and an absolute money saver.

Untitled-1.jpg My first experience with Thread Swap went smoothly. After earning some credits from referring some of my friends to the site, I had enough to ‘take’ a pair of jeans I’d seen and loved. The jeans were my size and cost only 3 credits (you get 2 credits for referring a friend). After ‘taking’ the jeans they’re moved into ‘My Threads’ which is your personal hub for the items you are giving and taking. Next, you link your account to paypal (the same way you do on eBay) and pay the small fee charged for the exchange. It was only $1.35 – cheaper than anything eBay has charged me.

I was then put in touch with the owner and the jeans were posted to me for free! Two days later I received the jeans for a grand total of one dollar and thirty five cents.

Thread Swap is such a brilliant idea. From a little bit of wardrobe rummaging, telling my friends about the website and some quick browsing of the clothes on offer – I got a new pair of jeans for $1.35. No complaints there. Imagine if we could get the whole of QUT using this site – giving and taking each other’s clothes, meeting up on campus and swapping for new threads. Sounds perfect. Now check it out and get swapping so we can all get some new clothes!

Take a look at the website here:
+  TS On Facebook.

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    Thanks! I haven some things I’ve been meaning to put on gumtree or ebay but this looks much easier (and cheaper).

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