Annoying Things that Annoy Me.

I’m going to sound like a big whiney 1st year in this post, because essentially that’s what I am.  But I have some serious ranting to do. I find that even the smallest things annoy me, like someone rocking their leg back and forth hence making the row of seats it’s connected to rock with them.  So for your enjoyment and possibly to garner your sympathy, I’ve listed some of the more annoying situations I’ve been in during my first semester of uni.

For those of you in a hurry, here’s a quick picture I drew of annoying things I dislike.

People who take their shoes off during a lecture
This one guy in the row below me took off his sandals during a lecture and I swear it was the worst kind of smelly feet (the disgusting cheesey-feet smell) I’ve ever experienced in my life.  So for the 2 hours I sat there subtly covering my nose with my hand, sending telepathic messages to the guy saying PLEASE PUT YOUR SANDALS BACK ON!

People who chew gum loudly during a lecture
You know that annoying *squelch squelch* sound some people make when they’re chewing their gum with their mouth open really loudly? Yeah.  Annoying.  It’s hard to concentrate on what the lecturer is saying when it sounds like there’s a cow chewing nearby.

People who talk loudly in the library right next to me
Now, I completely understand that being stuck in a library trying to do research would put a strain on anyone’s brain, but hearing someone complain to their friend about how boring their relationship is for an entire hour made me go insane in the membrane!

When I have a dodgy table and it slides forward all the time
You know the ones I’m talking about; when you put your laptop on it and you can feel the table slowly sliding forward the whole lecture.  Or when you put your books on it and the table is too feeble to handle the weight and it just slides forward under the pressure.  IT’S TIME TO MAN UP, TABLE! Do some weights to build up strength, not good enough!

Loud schoolkids on the bus home
I think anyone who catches public transport home would be familiar with this.  Usually I have my MP3 player to drown out the sound but unfortunately on a particularly crowded bus it ran out of battery.  And it began; the stereotypical high schooler swearing away on the bus, talking about inappropriate and sometimes disgusting situations they’ve been in so that everyone on the bus can hear them.  Dear obnoxious high schoolers: it’s not cool to swear and it would be appreciated if you could keep your ‘F’s and ‘C’s to yourself while you’re on the bus.  And I’m certainly not bagging out all high schoolers, there’s only a select few who take it upon themselves to represent their school and themselves poorly.

People who talk loudly during a lecture when they’re sitting up the back and they think no one hears them BUT EVERYONE DOES!!
Sound travels really well in the big Z Block lecture theatre, believe me, IT DOES.  These 2 people were in the very back corner of the lecture theatre and I swear they were jabbering on for the entire 2 hours about who knows what.  Why bother coming to the lecture if you’re just going to ignore everything the lecturer is talking about!?

On a brighter note, to help cope with annoying situations, I like to think of funny things.
So here’s a picture of a cat with a toupe made out of its own fur for you all to think about the next time you’re annoyed.

The cat’s name is Maru.  If you’re a cat lover like me, check out his blog here for more of his crazy cat antics.

Has anyone else been in similarly annoying situations?

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    I agree with all of the above. My pet hate are the people who take up the entire pathway from v block to s block and then walk really slow and hold up everyone. They make me want to kick things.

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      Oh along that long, suspended pathway right? Yeah that can be quite annoying especially after a class has finished.

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    Ummm… you know, there is an easy solution to the majority of your complaints. Why don’t you simply move to another seat?

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      Not enough seating options in lectures? Grit your teeth for a few more months. By that time half the people in your course will have dropped out or moved to a different course. With any luck most of the stinky chewing chatty types will be among them.

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        Haha yeah, fingers crossed 😀 Although there will always be other annoying people out there to take their place

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    Jennifer yung Chen

    haha..Totally agree with your observation. I thought that taking shoe off and chewing gum during the lecture are kind of normal in this country. I misunderstood. 😛

    I am alright with people discuss their assignment and group project, anything related to the study in the library even though the voice may be a little bit louder. Gossip, talking on the phone and laughing is annoying but sometimes listening to other peoples’ gossip is a little bit fun.

    I also don’t know why people stay in the library seems like having a picnic with friends? many foods on the talbe. They should share foods with other people…..hahaha..

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      Hahaha I have to admit, I like listening in on other people’s gossip as well. And yeah I didn’t think people were allowed to eat in the library but I guess you can 😀 Library picnic!

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    I must admit i chuckled at a few of them. In regards to people who chew gum and have smelly feet, cant say ive had the misfortune of experiencing that I have however had the misfortune of find a prime and i mean prime seat. (You know far enough forward you can hear the lecturer well, see the screen but far enough back that you dont feel the spittle when the lecturer works up a rant and arent likely to be labeled a teachers pet). When a someone of considerable girth has come and sat a seat or two away, with rather bad BO, greasy hair and obviously had had some bad curry last night. Horibble Horrible stuff.

    Unfortunatley you just gotta take it in your stride, it wont be long till many of those people will drop out or move courses. It certainly happened in my course 🙂

    In regards to loud people in the library, just turn around and ask them if they could keep it down a bit please. I do, i usually say can you please keep it down we have a massive assignment or disatation due soon and really need to focus on it. People arent sadistic and usually will keep it down 🙂

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      Next semester I’m going to try sitting all around the lecture room to find the seat which has the accoustic sweet spot as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory would call it 😛

      Yeah I think I just have to be a bit more assertive and tell people to be a bit quieter, although at the moment I’m a bit too shy, still feeling like the nooby first year haha

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    Believe it or not, i’ve never had that before. Not one of those has happened to me

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      Lucky conor!

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    What about people who catch the lift for 1 floor… grrr

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      Hahaha good ol’ lazy people. Although I have to admitt, I did that once at Z Block. I think waiting for the Z Block lift took longer than actually walking down the stairs. Sooo not worth it.

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    Continuing on your library talking thing. People who talk in the stairwell of the KG library annoy me. It echoes! Everyone can hear you!

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      Ah yes I forgot about that one. There aren’t many places in the KG library where you can answer your phone without being loud, how unfortunate.

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