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It is a very peculiar feeling being a QUT student blogger at the moment. November is quite possibly the end of the QUT student blog page. So I’m quite reluctant to write this post, it’s almost like I’m virtually dying. But in keeping with such themes, I would like to give a virtual eulogy of my year, the first year of my final year – if that make sense (if it doesn’t looks like you’ll have to read my earlier posts).

We are gathered here today on this saddening occasion; we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Blogger Michael. Friends, family, strangers, Michael is glad you are here at what is his final party before his body (the blog website) disappears. Together we sit here (in front of our computers) ready to celebrate the life, and in doing so we must honour Michael’s wishes. We must not be down, we shall smile, and raise our virtual thumbs up (please find at the bottom of the page) to the life Michael has lived. Today is a party, and that is what we shall be here to do…”

At this point Justice Crew will enter, dancing to Yeah 3x by Chris Brown… Justice Crew will be asked NOT TO SING!  – They have raised enough dead people for twenty10!

What a year it has been… But as I reflect on this year, I really don’t understand how time has seeped through my fingers. But I really believe that a good New Year celebration constitutes a good year ahead! I kicked the new decade off with a bang! I don’t really know anyone who hasn’t got through their uni degree without the odd job or five in hospitality. Yes I worked New year, but the after party, and hitchhiking home from Kangaroo Point McDonalds gave me some memories I’ll never forget!

I was living in most probably the worst share accommodation ever, cooking on a camper stove with gas bottles littered in my kitchen because my landlord was too lame (and apparently too broke) to repair our stove. I was working four jobs at once during this time, so I was feeling pretty fly! Until I became homeless! I left the house and refused to go back home. So I went to Sydney for a while to sort myself out.

My life has always been this roller coaster ride from peaks and troughs.  I flew down to Sydney to reunite with family I had lost in 2001, sort my attitude out, and find my feet again. My trip away really put things into perspective – “I was fighting fire with fire” a psychic told me.

Uni started in February and I knew things would be serious this semester. I was finishing my last core unit Economics, as well as getting stuck into the nitty gritty of both my HR and PR majors. This year, like every other year, the fitness bug caught me. I started tennis! I didn’t realise how long it was since I had played tennis. Nor did the friends I was playing with, as I somehow managed to talk myself up A LOT!!!

I’m just reading my journal as I’m writing this, and according to a page dated 19 March 2010, ‘I’m loving my studies more than music.’  Let’s just say this was a peak of the rollercoaster. My journal also tells me I hated the Beyonce and Lady Gaga combo in ‘t-t-t-t-telephone.’

By April I felt overworked. I decided to put my studies first, and focus on my studies. I was promoted at work, so I was now earning around $25.00 an hour in a professional position at QUT. With too much work, I decided to get rid of my rather mediocre position at Lowes, opt out of the 2 in the morning drives home smelling of a potent cocktail of Jim Beam, Bundy Rum, Beer, and Southern Comfort from my work in the bars. I finally put my education first.

The months kept coming, and so did assignments. Fortunately the many funny moments of uni life with Ange and Harvard kept coming through too. Oh and not to forget Grace-o… (lol). For much of April I was still on my study high, I begin to see how it was quickly lost.  In April I hung out with the likes of Akon, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Sean Paul, well at Supafest of course! Supafest was crazy, and the parties that were before and after this event injected party adrenaline into my veins. I received a disappointing result for one of my PR units, and was completely devo’d! I had to revamp my motivation.

In April, I like to think that I was virtually conceived – Lol the QUT Blogger Project was given a green light! Just for kicks my virtual birth date was 14 May, 2010.

For this first half of the year, much of my time was dedicated to the ongoing court battles me and my family were going through. That hijacked a lot of my motivation, because it is one of the biggest challenges, weighing up who deserves your attention the most, family versus education?

All in all, the first semester ended and I was glad, and yet again the holidays returned. I represented QUT at the APSSA international conference and had an amazing time, meeting future world leaders. Reminisce on this conference by checking out Ahhh APSSA.

In between many kitchen expeditions in search of a new recipe I could call my own, semester two came very quickly. This semester has been my favourite semester thus far. The practicality and relevance of all my learning has been a credit to QUT, even if some of the subjects caused my isolation for up to 13 weeks for some people.

Between August and September I was experiencing an MFC – which is similar to a GFC except it’s Michael’s Financial Crisis. The birthdays in these two months were crazy!! If I could go back in time, I would probably defer uni for a few years so I miss all my friends 18th, 20th and 21st birthday celebrations to avoid the costs! Actually I take that back. I’m pretty sure there is a correlation between these birthdays and the significance of dates nine months prior… I’ll let you think about that one.

From about July onwards I started doing some freelance organisation development with local indigenous organisations as well. This has taken up a lot of my time, but the rewards have come back tenfold! Tattoo these names on your brain: Murri Alliance, and Murri Gunya Spasifik Solutions, as I am so confident in the future of these two businesses.

September to October: my results this semester weren’t really desired. I mean I didn’t fail, but that feeling of getting two marks less than a distinction, or a high distinction really burn sometimes. I knew I had to get my focus to get the results I wanted. So really between these two months, I had no life whatsoever. At least that’s what I’m assuming as I didn’t write much in this journal I’m reading. But October was the end of my semester as well. I finished on the 24th, well ahead of everyone else, especially my mates over at UQ and Griffith. At QUT we start earlier, to finish earlier!

And now…. November!! In many ways it seems like its Naughty November. I’ve come out of isolation and doing all the things I forgot how to do for a while, socialise, party, sleep in, and work!! I’m writing this section and its 12:19 pm, because I just woke up. The last weekends have been so adventurous!! In saying that too, I’ve been working a lot. Trying to recuperate the savings I lost from not working in the latter half of the semester.

But this summer has a lot to look forward to:  sunrises (sometimes with a touch of tequila), sun burnt days, music festivals, the parties, the summer flings, gossip, beach, sand between your toes, sunglasses, holidays, warm nights, sunsets, then ready to do it all again the next day. Summer is truly amazing!! Summer is possibly everyone’s fave season of the year. A three-month period where you do all the things you wanted to do all year round…

For those who have stuck with me from the start, you will see the blogging circle this has created; my first blog was about summer drawing to an end (Welcome to the Party). This really sums up my year as a blogger Michael in a brief (yet long) way. I can’t wait til 2011, my last year in this cycle as a university student, a year where I will have two summers, one in Australia, and the other in Malta. 

Friends, family, strangers, it has been a pleasure eulogising my year with you all!!

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    Oh Michael. I have loved reading your blogs. I am also very sad to see it end. Maybe you should start a recipe blog though!! I’d definitely read that!

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      Thank you so much Kristina!! I may have to start that cooking blog!! You can be my taste tester?

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