Thinking of Home

Reasons I Miss Home:

1.  I can say ‘thongs’ in public without people thinking I’m talking about my underwear.

2. I am legal adult with a car, job and house. Here I’m just a ratty dorm kid whose only responsibility is to wake up 10 minutes before midday  3 days a week in order to attend class. Which is actually a pretty fantastic way to live, now I think about it.

3.  Food is available that has not been coated in either oil or sugar. Or both.

4. I have my own room in which I can walk around wearing as many or as few clothes as I wish and listen to music at 3 am without disturbing my dorm roommate.

5. My family and friends, obviously. Skype, while awesome and free, just doesn’t cut it. And six months is a long time.

Reasons I Don’t Miss Home:

1. MTV: You might think you love television, but until you’ve watched such gems as Silent Library (a game show in which contestants have to do dares to win money, but don’t win unless they stay totally silent throughout), Sister Wives (reality show involving a Mormon family: the man has three wives and thirteen kids) and, the best of them all, Jersey Shore. I’m not going to explain it. Just watch, and enjoy the knowledge that you’re not the tackiest, dumbest person alive. The eight members of Jersey Shore collectively hold that title.

2. Everything is cheap! A McChicken is $1, a jumbo latte is $3, a king-size Kit Kat is 70 cents.  The potential for obesity and/or diabetes aside, the prices are absolutely amazing.  

3.Holidays—the whole campus goes crazy for Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. Any excuse to decorate things or dress up seems to be a massive deal to everyone here. On Halloween someone came to class in a hotdog costume, and for Thanksgiving my professors have been bringing food around as we sit in lectures.

4. Dorms—I can walk out of my room at any time and knock on ten different doors and find people to talk to. It’s like a giant share house, without all the bickering over who did the dishes last and who clogged up the toilet. Bliss!

5. The live music here is unbelievable—in the last month San Diego has had Muse, Maroon 5, Phoenix, Spoon, Hot Chip, Passion Pit, Gorillaz, Tegan and Sara and so many more.

6. Playing the foreigner card–anytime I screw something up or embarrass myself in any way, which happens on a daily basis, I can blame it on being from another country, and people will readily accept it.

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